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Today's featured devotional...
Opportunities. Every one of us has them. Opportunities for greatness, success, to better ourselves, and to serve God in a greater capacity. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "seize the opportunity!"

Opportunity is defined as a combination of circumstances favorable for a purpose. To seize means to take possession of suddenly and by force, attack, or strike.

Why do you suppose it's important for you to take possession of it suddenly? Because opportunities do not wait around for the fainthearted nor the slow to move. They must be seized! Opportunities are being presented to you on a daily basis. You will either seize them or you will let them slip by.

Many times the reason we let them slip by is because we are insensitive to them. It's work! Most people want accelerated results before dark. A lot of people want what has happened to others but they're not willing to do what others have done to get there.

Have you ever said, "I wish I would have thought of that?" That means you only recognize opportunity after you see someone else doing it first. We're going to have to become more sensitive to the opportunities and the open doors that God presents in our lives.
For a great door and effectual is open unto me and there are many adversaries.
(1 Cor. 16:9)
The Amplified says it this way, "For a wide door of opportunity for effectual service has opened to me there; one great and promising and many adversaries."

Notice Paul says that a wide door of opportunity has been opened unto him but with adversaries. It would be wonderful if he had left that part out. But he didn't. The devil is not going to sit down, roll over, and play dead and let us seize this opportunity without some kind of fight.

Every opportunity that God gives you demands a steadfast, persevering spirit. Ambition alone is not enough. You've got to be willing to take risks, lay it all on the line, and even be willing to lose it all in order to seize an opportunity.

Your attitude and perspective about the situation has everything to do with your outcome. When the armies of Israel saw Goliath, they said, "He's too big to kill!" When David saw Goliath, he said, "He's too big to miss!" Same problem, different perspective!

Someone once said that if all you see is obstacles, then you've taken your eyes off the goals. You're no longer focused on your vision. You're no longer focused on Jesus. If you hear someone talking about all their problems, that's a good indication that they've taken their eyes off of Jesus (The Answer)!

God never gives us opportunities without first giving us the ability to achieve them. So, quit making excuses.

Negative excuses that will keep you from success:
  1. It's impossible.
  2. It can't be done.
  3. I don't have what it takes.
  4. It's too risky.
  5. What if it doesn't work?
  6. What if I lose every thing I have?
Get these out of your vocabulary! If you lose everything you have, then start over. You'll never seize an opportunity hanging on to what you think is security. The only secure thing that you and I have is the Word of God. Your future will look bright when your attitude is bright.

Opportunities become realities to people of great passion. When God gives a vision, you have to put your all into it! Progress is never achieved by people who have no passion. Successful people become successful people because they don't know when to quit.

Hebrews 12:1 (NIV) says, "Let us throw off every thing that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."

Many times turning an opportunity into a reality looks impossible to the point that it will keep you from even making an effort at all. If you don't make an effort, then there is no possible way to succeed. The moment you begin to think, "impossible," then that's all the ground the devil needs.

He'll keep you up all night reminding you of just how impossible it is. But in reality, if it was impossible, then God would not have given you the ability before hand to accomplish it.

The fear of failure will keep you from seizing opportunities. All of us have failed at some time in our lives, but failing is not final. Setbacks are not permanent. We cannot allow ourselves to become stagnant and non-operative because of the fear of failure.

Persistence, patience, never looking back, and never giving up will cause you to reach your goals.

Get rid of negative thinking. Maintain a positive perspective and attitude and become more sensitive to the opportunities God is bringing before you.

The greatest rewards that you'll ever know come only when you have stood fast on the Word of God and refused to quit.

You can seize your God-given opportunity if:
  1. You have confidence
  2. You have courage.
  3. You have conviction.
  4. You are constant.
Write it down. Keep it before your eyes, then you'll always be headed in the right direction.

When God gives you a vision, don't quit until you seize it! In order to seize your opportunity, you must be willing to stretch yourself, take risks and aim high!

Copyright © Jerry Savelle Ministries International
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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