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When it comes to faith and healing, one mistake that so many Christians make is that they call things that are, the way they are. By doing this they are establishing the present condition or circumstance in their heart, mind and also in their body.

I read an article many years ago about a lady that had a fever continually for several months. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong physically. They questioned her thoroughly and discovered that when she got upset about anything, she would always say, "that just burns me up."

She used that phrase several times a day. They were not sure if it had anything to do with her condition or not, but they asked her not to use that phrase anymore. Within weeks, her body temperature was normal.

How many times have you said, "Every time I eat that, it makes me sick." "My back is just killing me." "Those kids make me so nervous" or, "I'm trying to take the flu"? Your own words are giving instruction to your body and your immune system will eventually respond to your instructions.

Your Body Will Respond to Your Words
But God's method is to call for positive things, even though they are not yet a reality in your body. You call them until they are manifest. You have a God-given right to exercise authority over your body.

In Romans 8;13, Paul tells us "...if you live after the flesh you shall die: but if you through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live." Your flesh wants to say it the way it is, but your spirit, if trained properly, wants to say it the way God said it in His Word.

Your body will respond to the demands of the human spirit.

If you feed the spirit man God's Word, it will make demands on the flesh to line up with the Word of God.

When you exercise, you demand more energy from your body. The heart beats faster and more blood flow brings more oxygen to body cells, and your body responds to your demands in the natural manner.

But you must make the demand on it before it will respond. Even your dog or your cat will respond to the command of your voice.

How much more shall your body respond to the demands made upon it by the Word of God spoken out of your mouth. The truth is, your body always responds to your words in some manner, either for better or worse. So choose your words carefully.

Talk to Your Body
Several years ago an article appeared in the Shreveport, Louisiana, TIMES, written by a neurosurgeon. The title of the article was "Talk to Your Body to Rid Ills." He was using a method which he called mental exercise which involves literally telling your body what to do.

He offered examples such as a diabetic who instructs her pancreas to secrete insulin or a person with hypertension to say, several times a day, "my blood pressure is 120 over 80."

He said, "It makes no difference whether the patient knows where his pancreas is or what 120 over 80 means. The body knows."

There is more truth to Mark 11:23 than most people realize. You can have what you say in faith, but most people are saying what they have.

God created the body to live forever, but sin brought the curse of sickness and death. The human body has an inherent ability to heal itself, but because of improper chemical balance and improper functioning of certain organs, certain medicines and chemicals will aid the body in the healing process.

But God's Word is the original and most powerful medicine available today.

It was His Word that created the human body. It is the original medicine sent for the specific purpose of healing (Ps. 107:20).

Medical science is finding that the principal of Mark 11:23 really works even to bring health to our physical bodies.

The words of Jesus in Luke 17:6 ring clear: "If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might way unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it shall obey you."

Also, it is not necessary to make your confessions before others; make them to yourself in your own prayer time as you fellowship with the Lord.

Saying it Plants the Seed for Future Action
Remember, when you are sick, call yourself well, for you are calling for what you don't have. If you put this into practice and make it a way of life, then your body will respond to your faith demands that are based on the authority of God's Holy Word.

No, it won't happen just because you say it, but saying it is involved in causing it to happen. Saying it is the way you plant the seed for what you need. The spoken Word of God imparts spirit life into your physical body (John 6:63), for His Word is incorruptible seed, and it produces after its kind.

I challenge you to set aside time by yourself, daily, to fellowship with God. Make it a practice to meditate on His Word by speaking it to your body. Do it two or three times a day.

Then double up on your confessions in the area where you have the most problems. Pray the Word over your body. Declare it to be true until you are fully persuaded. Your body will respond to your void; how much more will it respond to God's Word spoken in FAITH.

Source: God's Creative Power for Healing by Charles Capps
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Charles Capps
Web site: Charles Capps Ministries
Charles Capps is a retired farmer, land developer, and Bible teacher who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and several foreign countries sharing the truths of God's Word. He has taught Bible seminars for over 35 years, emphasizing the authority of the believer, faith and the power of words. We celebrated Charles' promotion to heaven at 5:15 pm Sunday, February 23, 2014. Charles Capps was a man of integrity, a man of his word and he got what he said. He called those things that be not as though they were.

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