When circumstances come, are you going to say what the circumstances say or what the Word says?

Here's the real battle. Some people say, "If I say what the Word says, I'll be lying." It all depends upon what you call truth.

If you call the circumstances of the world a greater truth than God's Word, then in your own perspective, it would be lying. But if you get a revelation that God's Word is greater than all circumstances, His Word will remain when the whole world is burned up.

Look into the Word. Jesus said, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My word will by no means pass away" (Matt. 24:35).

When you begin to understand the permanency of the Word, then you'll understand that when you're saying what the Word says, you're not lying. You'll finally start telling the truth!

As long as you speak your feelings, that's the way it's going to be. But if you'll speak God's Word, it'll lift you up to be what it says.

You have to keep looking at the mirror of the Word. That's why Joshua 1:8 says, "This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night...."

Rise early and meditate on what the Word of God says about you: "I have the mind of Christ. I have the wisdom of God. Christ dwells in me through the power of the Holy Spirit." As you speak the Word, the reality of it will begin to take place.

Some have said, "Well, I said it three times and it didn't work. I confessed all my needs were met last week and the money didn't come. I'm giving up on that stuff!"

There's more to it than just saying it for a little while. I'm talking about committing your heart to the Word of God and becoming locked into it.

Take the attitude if it doesn't work for anyone else in the entire world, it's going to work for me. I am not basing my faith on the Word's fulfillment in any other person's life.

Source: Overcoming The Storms Of Life by Billy Joe Daughtery
Excerpt permission granted by Thomas Nelson, Inc., Publishers