Allow me to encourage you to start planting seeds of faith now—with your words and prayers—for the future.

For example, I recently received a letter from a ministry with which I am familiar regarding their plan to purchase an office building. I knew in my heart that somewhere down the road—perhaps five or ten years from now—I would need my own office building for some of the things God has laid on my heart to do.

So I decided to plant my faith now for the future, and I sowed a seed toward their office building. I said, "Lord, I'm sowing this seed so that when I have need of more office space, the money is going to be there and that need is going to be met."

When I was just a young girl, the Lord laid on my heart that I was to go and visit elderly residents of nursing homes. The Lord said specifically, "If you do this now, you'll never be lonely when you're old."

At the ripe old age of sixteen, I spent time visiting people in nursing homes every week. I said, "Lord, I'm sowing seed for my future, and I know that if Jesus should tarry and I live to be ninety years old or more, I'll never be lonely."

Source: Conquering Intimidation by Kate McVeigh
All rights reserved. Used by permission.