When you heard yourself on a tape recorder for the first time, you said, "Who is that? That couldn't be me. Oh, no, that's not me."

But that's how others have been hearing you all the time. That is exactly the way you sound.

God created you with two sets of ears - not just an ear on each side of your head. You have an outer ear and an inner ear. The inner ear is made up of a bone structure inside your head.

The inner ear feeds your voice directly into the human spirit - what is referred to as the heart. This is why the words you speak are more important than the words that someone else speaks to you or against you. The words you speak affect your whole being.

Medical research has discovered that the part of the brain, which controls human speech, is connected to every nerve of the body. The words you speak about yourself can even affect your health. For years, people didn't understand it. There is some connection between what you say and what happens to you in life.

Jesus knew that two thousand years ago. He said that a man will have whatever he says, if he will believe and doubt not in his heart; if he believes what he says will come to pass (Mark 9:23; 11:23,24).

Now let's pull this together and point out what we are talking about here regarding words. In the beginning God spoke, "Light be!" when light was not there. God saw darkness but He said, "Light."

This is God's method. This is not man's method. But we just followed along after God with His method. When God saw something that didn't agree with His will, He spoke the thing desired.

If it had been some of us, we would have probably said, "Wow, it's dark out there. I believe it's getting darker."

But God was smarter than that. When He said, "Light," then that is exactly what came.

Have you ever wondered why it is impossible for God to lie? God releases sufficient faith in every word He speaks to cause it to come to pass.

Source: Faith and Confession by Charles Capps.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers