Faith is the evidence of things not seen. When we walk by faith, we leave the realm of the senses, and that is where most of us mess it up.

We walk by the senses and not by faith. We walk by the circumstances; we magnify the circumstances; we rejoice in the circumstances. We even make jokes about the circumstances.

How often have you heard someone say, "I'll tell you what, I have the devil on the run, bless God. But the devil was sure chasing me." That is the mentality. They get up in church and brag about how hard they are having it. That gets them a little sympathy from people, but it does not honor God. There is no faith in it.

I used to talk about the problem, thinking that I was being honest. But then I wised up and brought my words into line with God's Word.

I believe that when the Bible says faith is the evidence of things not seen, the word "seen" does not mean just visual perception. That would leave out all you can hear, all you can smell, all you can taste, and all you can touch.

A better way to say it is that faith is the evidence of things not perceived by the senses.

Now if faith is the evidence of things not perceived by the physical senses, then that means there is another realm. There has to be another world—another realm where faith is the law.

We live in this three-dimensional world where our senses are the law. It is hot because we feel like it is hot. It is blue because we see that it is blue. It is sweet because we taste the sweetness. It is a discord because we hear that it is discordant.

Our senses are the law of the physical world, but when we walk by faith, we leave the physical world and enter the world of the spirit—God's world. In the spirit world, faith is the law, and if we do not operate in faith, we are going to be arrested for operating outside the law.

Faith is the law of the spirit realm, and faith is the key that allows us to enter that realm.

Source: Living In The Realm Of The Spirit by Frederick Price.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith One Publishing