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Second Peter 1:3 tells us God "hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue."

God is not holding back anything from us that will set us free and assure us total, overcoming victory in life.

That's what I finally realized in 1967 when, as a young believer, I saw His Word as a love letter to me—a letter filled with promises He had made to me.

I began to see that God was honorable, His Word had integrity, and He was committed to doing those things He had promised to make me the successful person He had created me to be—spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and in my relationships with others.

Peace and hope began to flood my heart when I saw that the promises of God's Word belonged to me. They were expressions of His love for me in Christ, and provision for all my needs. I became hungry to be in God's presence and began filling my heart with His Word day and night.

The circumstances surrounding me didn't look any better. I still lived in a tiny, wooden house. But I had fallen in love with God and started relating to Him on the basis of His Word.

I began to rejoice that God had re-created me in the likeness of Jesus because He wanted to fellowship with me. He wanted to run with me, and raise me. He wanted to enjoy me, and have me enjoy Him.

I discovered He'd do anything in the world for me. I learned that, when you start living in love and acting in love, God's the biggest pushover there is. You start telling Him you love Him, and He'll get all over you like a fur coat!

That Thrills the Father
One afternoon I was driving down the road when my newfound awareness of God's love came all over me. Finally, I had to pull my car over and stop. It was the first time in my life I had come to God without a bunch of begging, and wanting and trying to get.

"I just couldn't stand to drive this car any farther," I cried out to God. "I just had to stop in order to raise my hands and tell You how much I love You, worship You, and care for You! Heavenly Father, my needs are met according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

The old car I was driving leaked at every joint. But I didn't care what the car was like. I didn't even talk about the car. "It just dawned on me a few days ago, that the whole world is running against You," I said. "I want to run with You! I want to do something to give You a good day. I want to do everything I can for You in a big way. Just tell me what You want me to do."

But He wouldn't tell me! Instead, He said, "Son, what do you want Me to do for you? Is there anything?"

"No, no, no, no!" I responded. "My needs are met according to Your riches in glory, and I just worship You and praise You for it. I just want to know what You want."

"You don't know how that thrills the heart of the Father," He said.

I want you to know, that old car didn't last long. That tiny house didn't last long. In just a few days people started inviting us places to preach. Eventually I had to tell God, "Let off of this a little bit! I've preached until I can hardly talk!"

We went seven days a week, two services a day as hard as we could go for several years. I never had so much fun in all my life.

I'm still having fun. It's getting better all the time, all because I learned how to create an atmosphere of faith and let God be Who He wants to be to me.

Speak the Word
God loves you. His reason for saying you couldn't please Him without faith is not to put some kind of law or boundary on you. Not walking by faith won't make God love you less. But it will keep Him from doing what gives Him the most pleasure—giving you whatever you need to succeed.

Whether you have a sick child, a broken dream, a bondage of continual sin, or a threatened foreclosure—take it to Daddy. God gets pleasure when you allow Him to meet your needs. He is pleased when you turn from the pressures of your circumstances to the promises of His Word.

Come to Him believing that He is and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Let Him overtake you with the promises He has made to you in His Word.

"But how do I do that, Brother Copeland?"

Do what we read in Psalm 35:27: "Let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant."

In other words, say it all day long. Say continually, "God takes pleasure in the prospering of His servant. I diligently seek You, Lord. I diligently say with my mouth, 'You are my healer.' I diligently say it with my mouth, just like David said."

Talk to God. Talk to your spirit. Remind the devil of what God, in His Word, has said about you.

Has a problem tried to raise itself up before you? Don't talk about the problem. Don't try to figure out what you can do about the problem. Say those things your Heavenly Father has said are in His heart to do for you.

Whether it's a mountain of debt, sickness, or fear, Jesus said you are to have the God-kind of faith that speaks to the mountain and orders it cast into the sea. Speak the Word of God to the problem and rest in what He has said about it.

I don't care what situations are before you right now, your faith will see you through. The only way the devil can get his hands on them is that you let him. And you do that by letting go of the promises of your Heavenly Father, Who cares about you and will give you whatever it takes to succeed in Him.

Take Your Place
God is pleased when you access the riches of heaven by the only means possible—by faith. He gets pleasure when you speak His Word in faith to those mountains in your life. He is pleased when you stand, unmoved, until situations and conditions get in line with His Word.

Take your rightful place of being seated with Him in heaven as Ephesians 2:6 says. By faith, receive that you've become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and walk in righteousness where He walks (2 Cor. 5:21). By faith let God help you to excel at being as healthy and as prosperous as He wants you to be.

Remember: The challenge before you is not getting God to want to fellowship with you and meet your needs. The challenge is to stir up your faith to receive all that God has for you.

Let faith settle the issue of what God wants you to have. Stay hooked up to the supply line of God's provision. By faith, let your Heavenly Father lavish the provisions of His love on you.

Nothing would please Him more.

Excerpt permission granted by
Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc.
aka:  Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Author Biography

Kenneth Copeland
Web site: Kenneth Copeland Ministries
For the last 50 years Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have been passionately teaching Christians all over the world how to apply the principles of faith found in God’s WORD to their lives.

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