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Two questions often asked of me are:
  1. What is the difference between believing and faith?
  2. What do you mean by living by faith or walking by faith?
I'll attempt to answer these two questions together. First of all, we use the words "believe" or "belief" differently when we are speaking of things in the spiritual realm versus things in the mental or psychological realm.

In the psychological realm, you can even have beliefs you are unconscious of having. Not so in the spiritual realm. In relationship to God, His Word, and spiritual matters, "to believe" is to have made a choice.

Settle It Once And For All
Choice is made when you declare "I trust Him and His Word, and I do not require God or His Word to constantly prove Himself to me." For example, I am operating my life at this moment knowing (believing) that my automobile is just outside my office door.

I do not go checking every five minutes to make sure. I have the belief that it is there. In reality, however, autos may be moved or stolen. There truly could be a question in your mind about the truth of the whereabouts of your car.

Another example: my wife, Kathryn, says she loves me and treats me like she does almost all the time. I choose to believe her. She does not have to prove herself constantly to me. I believe in her and what she says out of a choice.

Don't Worry: God Changes Not
This is like believing God and His Word. You don't have to worry about God or His Word not being true. Nor do you have to worry about God not loving you or being there for you.

Choosing to believe God is declaring to God, the devil, the world, and everyone else listening that God does not have to prove Himself to you. You believe!

In living the Word of Faith life "belief or believing" is the choice to operate on a set of God-spoken postulates or principles as being the means to order one's life. It means that you get what you need and desire, beginning with redemption and including health, wealth, and power for living an anointed life, by the principles God has laid out.

Belief is the choice, a mental process of the manifest realm.

Faith is a heavenly power of the spiritual realm that is the substance (evidence) of things not seen (sensed) in the material realm. This faith brings to pass what is believed. Faith allows us to speak of things that are not as though they are, and bring that to pass. Faith allows us to put belief into action.

Walking by faith is walking by God's Word. When we say, "I can believe for that" we are saying we have God's Word on the subject and we are operating our life based on that Word of God.

"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God" (Rom. 10:17). This only works if you open your heart and mind and choose to believe what you have heard.

You have to say it like this, "Okay, I choose to believe that Word from God and I will operate with that Word without further proof. I put that Word into my speaking and into all my actions." Then faith is applied to what you say you believe.

Invite Them In Your Heart
Remember, righteous belief and faith do not "soak in." They have to be invited into your heart. Belief and faith do not just come as a matter of course, or by osmosis—being around people who do believe and have faith.


Righteous belief and faith come from hearing the Word, receiving/inviting the Word into your heart, keeping or acting on the Word, and then having the results of that Word manifest in your life.

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David Stuckey
Web site: The Church of the Fulness of God
David E. Stuckey is a native Texan, born to a small town, Southern Baptist pastor's family on June 27, 1947. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Secondary Education: Drama and Speech and is certified to teach the learning disabled. He taught special education for six years.

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