It is only as we walk in closeness with God that we can relate and transmit His message in
these times that try men’s souls.
The first thing I do almost every morning is spend time with the Lord. Reading His Word. Meditating. Praying. Much of my prayer is communion with Him in a two-way conversation. I believe I am to share with you more often what He says to me.

For instance, on December 20, 2011 as soon as I awoke, I heard, "Read Psalm 73. I want to speak to you today out of Psalm 73."

So, I got my ArtScroll Tehillim off the bookshelf. It is a translation from Hebrew into English. I read the first verse. The Psalm opens with one brief positive statement.
Only Good is God to Israel, to the pure of heart.
(Ps. 73:1)
After that, it goes on and on about the wicked. I thought as I first read, Have I missed it?
But as for me, my feet were nearly turned astray,
Like nothing - my steps would have been washed aside;
For I envied the madmen when I saw the peace of the wicked.
(Ps. 73:2-3)
From there the Psalmist expresses doubts, Rashi, comments which could almost turn ones path of life towards the direction of disbelief. The wicked prosper so why should I struggle to purify my thoughts and actions? But eventually the Psalmist comes to the amazing place of the answer....
And when I reflected to understand this, it was iniquity in my eyes,
until I entered into the sanctuaries of God; then I understood their end...
(Ps. 73:16-17)
After more verses of the judgment of the wicked, the place of the righteous is revealed. The righteous declares:
But I am always with You, You grasped my right hand. With Your counsel You will guide me, And afterwards, with glory You will receive me... My flesh and my heart yearn- Rock of my heart And my portion is God forever.... But as for me, God's closeness is my goodness, I have put my refuge in my Lord, HASHEM/ELOHIM So that I may relate all of your mission.
(Ps. 73:23-24, 26, 28)
The ArtScroll’s note on the Hebrew word translated mission, thrilled me and awakened me to
the message the Lord woke me up to receive.
Literally, a ???? (malach as in Malachi) angel, is a messenger charged with transmitting God's wishes. Similarly the psalmist perceives in his heart a flash of Divine inspiration which contains a message for mankind. He communicates this faithfully to his audience. The psalmist has no greater desire than to continue to discharge this duty.
I perceived that this Psalm is a “now message” to all of us. We can look around and see the
wicked as the ArtScroll translates, “They direct their mouth against Heaven, and their tongue struts on earth” (verse 9). On so much of the world’s stage, the wicked seem to prosper in disproportionate measure to the righteous.

But ah! Here we have the answer. The sanctuaries of the Creator are open to us. We can dwell
in His sanctuaries—the only place of understanding. We can live above the fray, even in the midst of the fray.

There is so much to glean from this Psalm, but its epitome is in its finale. “But as for me, God’s
closeness is my goodness…so that I may relate all of Your mission.”

God has a mission and we are His missionaries! God has a message and we are His messengers!

It is only as we walk in closeness with God that we can relate and transmit His message in
these times that try men’s souls. It is only in closeness with God that we can begin to function as manifested sons of God.ut the last line, is a treasure of treasures. He has a mission and we are His messengers!

Billye Brim Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.