We establish what happens by what we continually confess and how much we practice walking in love.  

"Confession is the same as profession" (Rom. 10:9).  For confession to be effective it has to become your profession. You should be confessing continually that Jesus is my Savior and Healer.  He took my pain and sickness so I could have His health. I walk in the healing convenant God has provided me.
"Let us hold fast our profession, our confession," (Heb. 4:14).  James 1:8 says "a double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

"If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deciveth his own heart, this means religion is vain," (James 1:26).  A person who gives a double confession is one who is deceived in his heart, because his tongue is not bridled or under control.

Psalm 23:1 states "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want." "My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus," (Phil. 4:19). You may be saying that you believe God supplies all your needs, but around people are saying and speaking the problem.

"They feared the Lord and served their own gods, after the manner of the nations whom they carries away from thence," (2 Kings 17:33). Our own problems that we possess by our own confessions are our own gods that override the fear of the Lord.

"No servant can serve two masters," (Luke 16:13). "You cannot partake of the table of both good and evil," (1  Cor. 10:21). "The tongue can no man tame," (James 3:5-6,8).  A wrong confession is a confession of defeat. An example would be "It's obvious I'm doing something right because the devil sure is working overtime on me." Those words giving Satan glory will defeat you every time.

Two reasons for wrong confessions, half heartedness, and prayerlessness.
  • Half heartedness: 2 Kings 10:31 "You must depart from the sins of your past (Jehu)"  "And he smote thrice and stopped (Joash)", 2 Kings 13:18,19.  I've said it three times and it did not work.  "Unprepared hearts (Jehoshaphat), 2 Chronicles 20:33. "Doing right according to man's standards, but not God's (Amaziah)", 2 Chronicles 25:2.
  • Prayerlessness: Psalms 53:4 "They have not called upon the name of the Lord."  Isaiah 43:22 "but thou called upon Me." Daniel 9:13 "They did not make their prayer before the Lord."  Zeph. 1:6 "They did not seek the Lord or inquire of Him"...
Ezra 10:11 states make your confession count. Be guilty of making right confessions.

Confess: I keep my confession in line with what God says in His Word. I glorify God with a right confession.  I speak forth what has grown out of faith in my heart.  And I enforce the devils defeat in every situation of life.

Source: School of Healing by Danny Rhoden
Excerpt permission granted by School of Healing VOVIM