This is not a fight in the natural realm, this is a fight in the spiritual realm. This is real warfare. Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood (humans) but against principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. These are the different ranks of the army of the devil.

In 2 Timothy, chapter 4, Paul is writing “I have fought the good fight of faith, I have finished my course...” Now in his letters we read of the battle he fought in so many areas he traveled through, preaching the word of God.

The Bible says that the victory that overcomes the world is our faith. God expects us to live by faith; this pleases Him so very much, because this is how He operates. Using our faith does not make God do something on our behalf. Jesus already did what He needed to do to get us the victory.

On the mount of temptation, when the devil came against Jesus to try to make him fail, Jesus stood using His faith by speaking the Word of God: saying “It is written”.

When we are in a good fight of faith, this is not the time to experiment with the latest opinions, or the “hot, new” thing being preached from the pulpits. This is the time to stand tall, fully equipped with the armor of God on and speaking the trusted and true Word of God.
The word is close to you, even in your mouth, this is your victory!
(Rom. 10:8)
The Sword of the spirit is our primary weapon. It is so powerful, to the pulling down of ANY stronghold.

These strongholds begin in our minds – our thoughts and imaginations. These are tools of the enemy which try to exalt itself against the truth of God’s Word. These thoughts are so subtle and they come in the form of lies and deception. God tells us to get rid of these thoughts immediately.

We must be on guard against these attacks. We are told to “resist the devil and he will flee.” Taking control over our own thoughts, feelings, suggestions, pressures and emotions is a true spiritual battle.

Once the attack of the enemy hits, we must fight back. This is not the time to be lazy, lay down or wait “for a better moment.” No, if we do not fight back immediately – the enemy will continue his attack until we are worn down and he will hit us with one more good blow to bring us down. He comes to steal, kill and destroy and he will do it inch by inch or all at once, if given the opportunity.

Do not underestimate your opponent. Now is the time to build yourself up—your spiritual muscles—in the Word of God daily. Understand “who you are in Christ Jesus” and act in the authority you have been given.
Hold fast to our confession. Don’t get distracted, don’t get impatient and don’t let fear in. Don’t allow wrong thoughts to get to you. (Heb. 10:22)
Focus on Jesus, focus on the Word, focus on the truth and focus on winning the victory!

Faith and patience work together – don’t give up; and make sure you are living in love.

John 8 tells us that if we continue in the Word, then we are God’s disciples (followers) indeed and we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free.

The Bible way of living – God’s way of living – is the only way to live to be successful all the time.

We need to wear our helmet of salivation proudly – all the time. The enemy will see Jesus in us. Our feet need to be shod with the gospel of peace, with the breastplate of righteous snugly in place protecting our heart, and the belt (the Word of truth) firmly around our waist. It is vital to learn how to use each piece of the armor – especially the Sword of the Spirit and Shield of Faith.

Once our good fight of faith begins we must lift our Swords and speak the Word of God over the situation and hold high the Shield of Faith, which deflects all of the arrows of the enemy. This is thanking and praising God for the victory, for we know it is ours.

Jesus said that “The prince of darkness has nothing in Me”. Therefore, when we are equipped with the armor of God, living in love and speaking words of faith, the enemy will see Jesus in us and know that he has lost the fight and we will always win the good fight of faith.

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