What do Olympic athletes, CEOs, celebrities like Will Smith, Jim Carey, Tim Tebow, and me all have in common?

We talk to ourselves.

You have the ability to change the entire direction of your life with that little thing under your nose. It's as simple as it seems.

Successful people take a proactive approach to their dreams. They don't wait to see what happens with their lives. They prophesy their future.

Unsuccessful people speak of things the way they are as if they will always be that way . . . and that's exactly what they will continue to experience.

After years of failed diets, Shad Helmstetter heard about Olympic athletes hiring self-talk trainers to help them win gold medals. So, he decided to try it himself with regard to weight loss. Shad wrote out and then audio recorded affirmations and positive declarations about his weight loss goals.

He would listen to these affirmations every morning while shaving and over the course of ten and a half weeks he lost 38 pounds, without dieting! His wife even lost 25 pounds eavesdropping on his declarations as she got ready each day!

I'm so grateful my parents taught me the power of the tongue, and I've done my best to guard my mouth from speaking death or detrimental words over myself.

However, I didn't necessarily practice the habit of doing the opposite:
proactively speaking positive words over my future or giving myself a pep talk! At least, not with any intentional effort.

It's one thing to stop speaking negative, debilitating words over yourself (I'll never live in a house like that. I have a slow metabolism. I'm not qualified.), but you've got to take it a step further by replacing those words with positive declarations over yourself and your future.

In 2007, I made a list of declarations to start speaking over myself. To begin with, most (if not all) of these positive statements were the opposite of what I was experiencing at the time. They were simply written and spoken by faith.

We see this principle written in Isaiah 46:10 that God "declares the end from the beginning." That's exactly what you're doing when you declare your dreams before they happen.

In addition to positive declarations, there is nothing more powerful than speaking God's Word out of your mouth. If you're wondering what God's will is for your life, His Word is His will.

When you align your mouth with what God's Word says, you are activating the power of God to go to work in your life.

You cannot talk failure and live in victory.

If your dreams and goals appear hopeless and there's no indication things will improve any time soon, let me encourage you . . . start using your words to change your life instead of just describing it.

God always places a bigger dream in your heart before you have the ability to achieve it. Speaking your dreams into existence is part of the process in achieving them.

In fact, the Bible tells us we serve a God who speaks of "nonexistent things" AS IF they already exist. He expects us to apply the same principle.

What nonexistent things do you need to begin speaking as if they already exist? There are some things in your life that will not change until you begin to speak them out.

Let me help you get there . . .

You can start changing your life today by changing what you're saying. I know it works because I've experienced it myself. I'm literally watching things happen in my life that I know are direct results of declaring by faith the desires God's placed in my heart.

I'm grateful for you and I appreciate your support which enables us to reach so many people. It means more than I can adequately express.

Know that I'm praying for you. I believe as you put into practice the life-changing principles I'm sharing with you, you'll take steps towards God's very best in your life!

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