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highbridgeRecently during a meeting where I was ministering, a man came to me after I had finished speaking. He was so excited as he started to tell me what had happened that morning—he had experienced a huge miracle! He explained that after he’d gone through surgery on his foot, he had been left with a limp and a lot of pain, which doctors had told him would be a permanent condition. The thought that this was to be his new life had left him depressed.

The night before, during my meeting, this man heard about the power of God and received a mighty infusion from the Holy Spirit. But it was the next morning that he realized what had happened. There was zero pain, and he was not limping—at all! The dark future of chronic discomfort and disability that this man had been told was his lot had been erased. He had received a true miracle!

This leads us to a truth that we all must have settled in our minds: The current situation is subject to change.

The lie is that nothing is more permanent than our current condition or situation. But the truth is, everything is subject to change when we allow God to work in our lives!

In every kind of problem or strategy of the devil, there is much more to be considered than the way it appears. The fear that comes from the appearance of things can be paralyzing—unless we change our perspective. Jesus gave us a treasure of wisdom to help us know how to look at a situation differently. He knew we would all face the storms of life.

For instance, when Jesus was facing the biggest storm of His life, He made the most amazing statement. Notice John 16:32-33 in The Message Bible:

"I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world."

Jesus was at the end of His ministry, and the dark clouds of betrayal were already gathering. He was about to be arrested, tried, and murdered. He knew it was coming, yet He still said, “...I’ve conquered the world”! His victory was complete before He ever stepped fully onto the battlefield. Today our battle has already been settled as well before we ever step into the fight.

There is certainly some shaking right now politically, economically, and internationally. Beyond that, many people are facing personal trouble and shaky times right now. But Jesus told us to cheer up and to allow Him to empower each of us to remain unshakable! The promise of this verse implies we will live through some shaking.

We all face challenges that come to shake our faith, but...

We really do have every reason to hope and believe that each trial we go through is going to turn out all right for us as we put our trust in God and follow the guidance of His Word and the leading of His Spirit. We have been empowered to conquer the shaky circumstances and outright attacks against us in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Great victories come as a result of great conflict. We see person after person in the Bible who faced huge giants in life. Of course, David faced an actual giant by the name of Goliath. David wasn’t known by very many people until that day—but from that day forward, he had clearly won fame as “the giant-slayer”!

The very idea of winning implies a contest or battle. As believers, we are not naïve about the dangers and pitfalls we face. We know that our commitment to pursue God’s great promises has put a target on our backs.

Most of our battles are waged hidden from public view—battles that are personal and often internal. But we have been given spiritual weapons to wield God’s power through prayer and faith in His Word. We can be powerful, conquering, and fearless, no matter the threat!

But that kind of strength isn’t automatic or accidental.

It is the result of intentionally and diligently taking a confident position of faith in God’s Word and seeing our own ability in the light of who we are now as believers.

Here is what the apostle Paul told Timothy to do in order to overcome the threats that come to us all. We find it in II Tim. 1:7 (Mirror Bible):

“Become fully acquainted with his gift in you, there is nothing timid about it; the dynamic of a mind liberated in the spirit of love is fearless and unstoppable.”

These are such powerful words: fearless and unstoppable. These are the components of being unshakable. And the Lord has told us what is required to develop those qualities in our lives: We must become acquainted with who we are in Him and with the power of His grace-gift already born within us.

Each of us already has the inner substance to remain steady and unshakable.

But we will only walk in the reality of that inner strength as we set our focus on God’s power and His faithfulness to perform His promises. And we have to stay constant in that determined focus, even in the midst of the challenge we’re facing. We have the choice to deliberately and consistently exercise our authority over fear and depression regarding the current threat. As we do, we position ourselves to receive our own miracle, just like the man did in my meeting.

And that is exactly what God has planned for you—life-changing miracles! You may need a physical, emotional, or financial miracle. Perhaps you need a miracle in your marriage or on the job. No matter what the shaking looks like in your own personal walk with Him, now is the time to discover the power that continually resides within you in the Person of the Holy Spirit!

Cast off that heavy weight of oppression in the Name of Jesus! Then set aside time every day to soak in the Word and to fellowship with your Heavenly Father. As you do you will discover the fearless, unstoppable, and unshakable place in Him that is already yours by right as a child of God!

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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Dennis Burke, Ph.D.
Web site: Dennis Burke Ministries
Since 1979, Dennis Burke has led multitudes of believers into the biblical principles of faith, healing, love, prosperity, and righteousness. Through the Insights: the Way to a New Life magazine, books, eBooks, CDs, and mp3 resources, Dennis has brought revelation knowledge on the truths of God's Word. He has taught Christians everywhere to know God more deeply and overcome the challenges life brings through faith in God's Word.

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