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Have you ever really stopped and thought about how you feel about money? Most people haven't.

Did you know that 99 percent of the people have one percent of the money? We could say it this way; one percent of the people have 99 percent of the money. How does that make you feel? Are you part of the 1 percent or the 99 percent?

Have you ever experienced negative feelings toward someone you care about when you buy them an expensive gift? Have you ever felt anger or frustration when you look at your check stub and see that you are earning $1000 a week but bringing home less than $800.

Most people have gotten used to the fact that our taxes come right out of our pay checks, but I remember the shock I felt the first time I received a payroll check - with the taxes automatically removed! I was shocked and unhappy, to say the least.

You can't have that. You can't do that. You can't go there. You can't see that. Why? You don't have the money.

For some, "you can't have that!" means they can't have a Lamborghini or a Rolls Royce, for others it means that they can't have braces, so they go through life with crooked teeth and the facial expressions that go along with it.

"You can't do that!" means to some that they can't go on a dream vacation or buy a dream house, but to others it means that they can't go to college or buy their children Christmas gifts. How does that make you feel?

Negative Thoughts Of Money
Most people hate money. When it comes to money, most people are at a loss or, at the very least, a disadvantage. They are angry when they have to confront their bills and they are frustrated when it comes to the attention that they have to pay their every expense.

Every major purchase or investment brings with it emotionally charged memories of being ripped off, overcharged or under informed.

Don't feel badly about this. Ninety-nine percent of the people on earth have negative feelings about money, which is the primary reason they don't have much. They can't stand thinking about it, and when they do think about it, they curse it and thereby repel it. It doesn't come to them; it runs from them.

God, through His Holy Word, teaches us that the love of money is the root of all evil. I understand that. We are not to love money. We are not to hoard money and act as a miser would, guarding it by day and counting it by night.

We do have to learn to celebrate money and to care for it properly. It takes money to do the things we dream of doing and have the things we really want.

Think of it this way. When you celebrate something, you take care of it. Some people are able to care for cars and keep them around and in mint condition for decades. People that celebrate and care for their children and spouses keep them around.

A celebrated staff or team is happy and stays together. A well-cared for pet is usually a nice pet to be around. A pet that isn't cared for will tend to be mean and can hurt you. Money is similar to that pet. (I didn't want to say spouse, but a neglected spouse can certainly cause a great deal of pain as well.)

How Do You Manage Your Money?
Take care of your money and it will grow and be good to you. Neglect your money or disregard your money and it will cause you great problems or leave you.

As believers, we are commanded to give. We tithe and give offerings, but in this process, the most important thing that we are to do is to get our hearts right toward that which we are giving.

When we give, God doesn't get the money; He doesn't need it. He gets the love and obedience that should accompany the money. He gets the attitude of our heart. We are taught by the scriptures to worship God with our money.

We are taught to have an attitude of reverence toward God when we bring our gifts to Him. Many of us do this, and when we are finished, we go right back to hating the money we have left, because our perceived lack is causing us pain.

We are upset that we don't have more to give or we don't have what we need to go where we want to go. It never seems to be enough.

You Always Have Enough To Give
Let me ask you this: what isn't it enough for? Remember this: no matter how little you have, it is always enough to give to God. You can turn any amount into a gift that can be given to God. If your heart is right, He will multiply it back to you. He never looks at the amount of the gift. He always looks at the attitude of the giver.

The fact that God would receive a gift from you or me should cause us great joy. It should cause us to celebrate. He has given us the ability to give, and the more we celebrate that ability in ourselves, the better givers we will become. We will be better equipped, and we will be better at doing it.

We have what we say. We are good at what we consistently do. Begin to take your time of giving very seriously, because it is in that time that your attitude will determine whether you are in the one percent or the 99 percent.

Celebrate your money and you will begin to attract it; care for it like you would precious seed. Continue to be angry or frustrated and it will forever elude you.

Beloved, I wish that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers. I pray that you will believe today that you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you and that all these things are being added unto you as you diligently seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.

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Dan Stratton
Web site: Faith Exchange
Faith Exchange is a non-denominational Christian church in lower Manhattan, NY. It was founded by Dan Stratton, a Yale football star who built a successful career on the trading floor of the Commodities Exchange. His original church location was destroyed in the 9-11 terror attack of 2001. Today, Faith Exchange holds services on Wednesdays and Sundays, often featuring guest inspirational speakers.

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