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For years, people in the world have been "putting money away." They say, "We are saving for a rainy day." Often our response to those people is to laugh and say, "If you save for a rainy day, you'll get one." But there is an "up" side to that statement. The world has been saving for years for a rainy day - and it is starting to rain!

The church has been praying for rain, spiritually speaking, and this is the time of the latter rain. The world has been saving for a rainy day - they just didn't know it was Holy Ghost rain! It's starting to rain, and what the world has been saving for six thousand years is going to be transferred into the kingdom of God.

Money Talks
The world has said for years, "When money talks, we listen." Well, money is talking, and this time it is saying, "I am in the wrong place! I am supposed to be reaching lives. I am not supposed to be stored up in the world's stocks, bonds, CDs, and money markets! I'm in the wrong place!"

In John 4:34, Jesus was teaching his disciples about finishing His work: "My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work." We know the will of God is redemption - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. That is the will of God, but what is meant by "finish His work?"

The plan of redemption is the will of God. Finishing that plan is bringing in the harvest. Harvest is the "finishing" part of the redemptive plan.

Reapers work in the harvest fields, and the Bible says that those who work in the fields are going to receive wages. The money isn't going just to church, but to those that are working in the fields. The wages are going to be poured out during the harvest! God has been saving for a rainy day, and when it starts to rain, He is going to turn the money loose. When that happens, the laborers in the harvest fields will start to receive paychecks as they do their appointed jobs.

For the last 6,000 years, money has been crying out, "I'm in the wrong place!" At the same time, the church has been crying, "Money is wrong. It's a sin to have it." So God has had to wait for a new breed who will take Him at His Word and realize money is not a goal; it's a tool. It isn't money that is evil, it's what some people have done with it that is evil.

If money is our goal, we are in trouble, because our motive is wrong. Money is not the goal; it is a tool to get to the goal. For example, a man could be building a house because he is a carpenter by trade. That doesn't mean he should go the hardware store and buy fifteen hammers, hang them on the wall, and bow down to them every morning. He doesn't say, "If I can build four houses, I can get eight hammers."

His goal isn't to see how many hammers he can acquire. His goal is to get his hands on a hammer so he can build a house. Our goal is not to see how much money we can bring in. Our objective should be, "Look how much we can do with the money that comes in." Money is just a tool. It is not an object to be worshiped or coveted.

Harvest Account
I remember hearing a story about a well-known evangelist, and this story has always stayed with me. He was holding a meeting, and after one of the services he called a staff meeting and told them, "We are not meeting our budget. The money just isn't coming in." But he never said, "What can we do to get the money in?" Instead, he said, "Where are we not meeting the people's needs." They made some adjustments, and the money came in. But the money was not the goal; it was just a tool.

God has all the tools needed by those who will work in His fields. In fact, God has a huge harvest account waiting to be used to reach the lost and bring in the harvest in the last days. If God has a special account set up to do a special job, who do you suppose is going to get the account? The laborers. Who are laborers? Those who are working in God's harvest fields gathering fruit to life eternal.

God is not limited by time, because He is in eternity. That is how He looked ahead to Adam's fall, backed up before creation, and set redemption into motion. Then God looked farther down the road and saw there would be a great harvest of souls near the end of time - the harvest from the seed He planted called Jesus Christ (Heb. 2:9-10).

He also knew that when it came time for His church to bring in the harvest, it would cost a great deal of money. God couldn't rain down money from heaven, or He would be a counterfeiter. So while earth was still in his possession, God planted a "harvest account" here. God put something in the earth that would serve as the financial standard from now until the return of Jesus. He planted gold, and the first thing He did was show Adam where it was buried (Gen. 2:11-12). Why did God choose gold? Because gold is accepted in any country and in any currency.

Pools of Wealth
We could compare the reserves of money to the oil that is buried under the earth's surface. There were pools of oil under the surface of the earth for a long time before we ever had a need for oil - before we discovered it would run automobiles and airplanes and help transport us all over the world with the gospel. Once we found out what oil was and what it could be used for, we tapped into those reserves.

Haggai 2:9 says, "The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former." Everything God needs to finance the building of His kingdom has already been placed in the earth. He said His last-days move will be more glorious than the first.

Let's go back one verse to Haggai 2:8: "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts." I had always wondered why those two verses were written back-to-back. The prophet is saying that a move of God is coming that will be greater than anything we have ever seen. It is going to cost a lot of money to pay for this move, but it is God's move, and He can afford it. The silver and the gold are the Lord's, and they are already in the earth. The fullness of the earth belongs to God! (See 1 Cor. 10:26).

Just as oil is found under the surface of the earth, pools of wealth are buried in the earth, spiritually speaking. The wealth has been in the world system, kept there by God, for the last days when the church would need to access it. And regardless of what anyone says, there is more than enough money to finance the coming move of God.

The World System
God has always blessed His people and has met their needs abundantly, just as He said He would. But God has left a majority of the money in His "harvest account" in the hands of the world and allowed them to heap it together for the last days because "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light" (Luke 16:8).

The world's goal is to make money. They spend all their time learning how to make it grow. They have been stockpiling it for generations, drawing interest in money markets, CDs, stocks, and bonds.

Believers, on the other hand, are the builders. In whose hands would you leave the money? If God had given the money to the church, we would have figured out a way to spend it all. So God left it in the hands of those who operate in the world system to multiply it until the church needs it.

But the money was never meant for the devil and his kids. God placed the money here for His children. After the fall of Adam, the money eventually found its way into the hands of the world, and for years the world has been endeavoring to multiply that money. The money has been in the world system - but now it is time for a great transfer of the wealth in the world into the hands of those in the church who will use it to bring in the end-time harvest.

God is saying, "I have a 'harvest account.' It's out there in the world, and I'm about to call it in."

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Mark Brazee
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For over 40 years, Pastors Mark and Janet Brazee have traveled throughout the world sharing the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Together they've shared the powerful truths of faith and healing in more than 50 nations.

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