God did not intend for you to stumble and fall. But if you are not living holy, you will stumble and fall. If you do not add to your faith, you will stumble and you will fall.

Even though you might confess and say, "Greater is He that's in me than he that's in the world," you will still stumble and fall—if you don't add those other ingredients to your faith.

A True Revelation
But by adding them to your faith, you will get a true revelation of Jesus.

Receiving that revelation of Jesus and knowing what He has put inside you brings about security in the midst of the storm. You will be able to sleep on a pillow and keep riding those waves, just like Jesus did.

People may say to you, "Don't you really know or understand what's happening? Don't you care?"

But you will be able to stand firm against the wiles of the devil that try to bring you down off that rock of revelation knowledge. How is it that God could say you would never stumble or fall? What does that really mean?

You cannot do that in the flesh, with your own natural knowledge of Jesus. It takes the Holy Ghost to reveal those things to you.

Receive The Revelation
The Holy Ghost does not operate where there is sin. He cannot reveal much to you when you are just stumbling and fumbling around. Some people ask, "How is it that So-and-so can receive something from God when it doesn't seem to happen for me?"

Because that person has received more revelation than you.

Even though he may have been in church a shorter length of time than you, maybe he has made himself available to receive more revelation of Jesus. He is seeing Jesus in a brighter light.

This happens more and more as we are open to receiving the true knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue. The big prize is getting the knowledge of Jesus. By seeking Him we will begin to see Him brighter and brighter.

The Holy Spirit wants to show you Jesus in such a way that it really touches your life. Then you will never be the same!

Be sure you are making yourself open to receive that revelation.

Source: Success Strategies From Heaven by Keith Butler.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers