If you are tired of just going to church without allowing the Holy Spirit and the power of God to bring change in your life you might just need to get right with God.

HEY! There is no way in heaven (or hell for that matter) that you can have a relationship with Jesus Christ and not be changed! It just doesn't happen!

There is no way that you can have a relationship with anyone in this world that will bring a change like the change Jesus can bring into your life.

The Bible says that when He reveals himself into our lives, old things pass away and all things become new. It is a miraculous event that can only take place by the Spirit of God, and that produces the power of God. We need to live within the confines of the power of God.

Many of us want to live within the "product" of Jesus but we don't want to live in the "conduct" of Jesus. Now chew on that for a while!

We want the product of it, or we want the blessings of God; we want the friendship of God and we want the goods of God—but we don't want to live in the conduct of God!

I was recently listening to Dion Sanders as he was talking about his bracelet. It says, "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do?). He said, "I want to change this from 'What Would Jesus Do' to 'What Did Jesus Do?'"

We can always change the concepts of what would he do, but you can never change what He DID.

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