Separated Into Their Work
Acts 13 seems to be a turning point in the Book of Acts. Acts 2 is the door. Acts 3 is where we see divine healings. Acts 4 is where we see the power of united prayer and liberality in finances in the Church. Acts 5 is the beginning of great signs and wonders.

Acts 6 shows the ministry of helps. Acts 7 shows laymen being mightily used of God. Acts 8 is a great thrust of evangelism from one-on-one to the masses, followed in chapters 9 through 12 by supernatural conversions and angelic help.

This leads us to Acts 13, where there was a special prayer meeting of ministers at the church in Antioch. Not only did members of the Church find their own company, but ministers also found their own company.

They came together not simply for fellowship, activity, or relaxation; they came together to minister to the Lord. An atmosphere such as this is conducive for the Holy Ghost to speak, move, and bring forth the plan of God.

A Missionary Thrust
As they ministered to the Lord, the Holy Ghost said to them, "...Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them" (Acts 13:2).

Suddenly, there was a great missionary thrust into the nations of the world, which lasted through the remainder of the Book of Acts. Barnabas and Saul went into the work God had called them. What was it? They became apostles to the Gentiles or the nations. The remainder of the Book of Acts deals primarily with world missions.

The Book of Acts describes the nations Paul visited, the individuals who were saved through his ministry, his ministry to the masses, his founding of strong local churches, and the establishment in Acts 19:10 of a foreign Bible school that thrust ministers into the harvest fields of the world.

Walking in the Fullness
The last big thrust in the Book of Acts was people walking in the fullness of their callings, reaching out to the unsaved nations of the world. They went forth in the fullness of spiritual gifts, demonstrations of the Spirit, and demonstrations of power.

The Book of Acts was the early rain. If rain is rain, we should expect all of these past experiences to be our pattern for the days to come.

What is the purpose of the current move of the Holy Ghost? Where does the doorway lead us? A great harvest will be brought in, and churches will thrive, becoming "barns" to contain this harvest. When the harvest is finally complete, Jesus will return, and we will all go home!

If we want to experience the rest of the Book of Acts, we must go through the door. But let's not stop there. Let's keep moving on into the other side, flowing with the Word and the Spirit into the fullness of the rain!

Source: Blood, Fire, and Vapor of Smoke by Mark Brazee
Excerpt permission granted by MBM Publications