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Every day, we should be looking for the rain—the outpouring of the Holy Ghost—in our lives and in our ministries. Because the greatest move of God this earth has ever seen is about to be demonstrated. However, before we get to the fullness of the rain of the Holy Ghost and the glory of God, we need an encounter with the fire of God.

God is a life-changing God, but He also understands man's nature. He knows that even in the natural, change is easier when it's more enjoyable.

"Pull Anything you Want, Doc!"
For example, years ago my jaw began to hurt, so I went to the dentist. He told me I needed to have a wisdom tooth pulled. He said, "This tooth may only cause you a little trouble now, but if you don't have it removed, it will cause you even more trouble later."

So this dentist only gave me Novocain for the pain. And it seemed like he just put his pliers in my mouth, placed one foot on my chest, and started pulling! When it was all over, I thought, "I'm never going to go through this again!" That was not enjoyable!

Later, a different dentist told me that I needed to have another wisdom tooth pulled or it would cause me problems. So I asked, "Do you have anything that could make this experience more enjoyable?"

He said, "Yes, I use nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Extracting the tooth won't hurt you at all."

So I decided to let him pull my tooth. I thought, "Maybe this will be less uncomfortable." I can still remember when the dentist gave me the first dose of nitrous oxide. He said, "Take a couple of breaths." Believe me—after the third breath, I was thoroughly enjoying myself!

After the tooth was extracted and the effects of the nitrous oxide were beginning to wear off, the dentist said, "This is really strange. Your X-ray shows that not only do you have that one wisdom tooth, but there's another one growing right behind it. If I don't pull it now, it's going to give you trouble later."

At this point, I was feeling so good I said, "Take every tooth out of my mouth if you want, Doc. Pull anything—all of them! Just give me more of that laughing gas!"

I didn't feel a thing when those two wisdom teeth were extracted. I had a wonderful time. I felt so good, I wanted to take a can of that laughing gas home with me.

Holy Ghost Extractions
God is endeavoring to remove things out of our lives that at times could be painful to be removed. Some things may be causing trouble now, and if they are not removed, they will give us more trouble later. He wants us to get rid of our "excess baggage."

So what has God been doing during these Holy Ghost meetings when the fire from heaven falls? God has been giving us a good dose of "Holy Ghost nitrous oxide"—His kind of laughing gas!

Most of us have experienced services where we are laughing and having a wonderful time; perhaps we can think of it as being on God's operating table. He's reaching down inside us and making adjustments. He's taking out things that are holding us back in our spiritual walk.

Then, when everything is over, we leave these services saying, "Oh, wasn't that wonderful?"

A week later we notice that something that was giving us pain or a problem in a certain area of our lives is completely gone! We didn't know how to get rid of it, but when we were on God's operating table, filled with His "Holy Ghost nitrous oxide," He pulled that pain, discomfort, and excess baggage out, and we never even felt a thing. Nor have we ever been the same since.

That's what God is doing in the Church right now. He's getting rid of excess baggage. He is saying, "I need to remove some things from your life, but I have an operating table that you are going to enjoy!" Then the Holy Ghost fills us up, and we say to God, "Take out anything you like!"

God is doing far more than we know during these Holy Ghost operations. He's making spiritual deposits and changing things in people's lives. He's making change enjoyable, because when people are full of the Holy Ghost, change doesn't hurt!

So God is releasing His Holy Ghost fire to burn the chaff and get rid of the excess baggage in our lives. Doesn't if feel wonderful?

Source: Blood, Fire and Vapor of Smoke by Mark Brazee
Excerpt permission granted by Mark Brazee Publications

Author Biography

Mark Brazee
Web site: Mark Brazee Ministries - DOMATA School of Missions
For more than 30 years, Pastors Mark and Janet Brazee have traveled throughout the world sharing the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Together they've shared the powerful truths of faith and healing in more than 50 nations.

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