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As spirit beings, we have been made new creatures in Christ and have the capability to know God and commune intelligently with Him. We can have a conversation with God just as we can have a conversation with our fellow man, because God is a Person—a divine Personality and our Heavenly Father.

The fellowship and communion with God that Adam lost in the fall has been restored to us through Jesus Christ. Now it's up to us to develop our spirits so we can enjoy more intimate fellowship with the Father God and operate in His supernatural realm.

Spirit-filled believers are supposed to live their lives communing with God on a supernatural level. The Bible says, "For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries" (1 Cor. 14:2).

Notice when you pray in tongues, you are not talking to men. You are not communicating naturally; you're communicating supernaturally with God. Moffatt's translation says when you pray in other tongues, you are "talking of divine secrets in the Spirit." Praying in the Spirit will develop your spirit and help bring the supernatural power of God into manifestation.

Man has a deep-seated desire for the miraculous demonstration of God's power and glory. That's because man was created in the image of a supernatural, miracle-working God. And God has provided an entrance into the supernatural through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and by His Word.

Actually, the supernatural realm is the realm we were created to live in. Man was brought into being by a miracle-working God, and we will always yearn to see the miracle-working power of God in demonstration.

Sin has blinded us and kept us imprisoned in the natural realm. But, thank God, the hunger for the supernatural is within our hearts. If we will seek after God, we can learn to live in the supernatural realm by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Many churches have backed off from the supernatural workings of God—even churches that used to believe and operate regularly in the supernatural.

Now the supernatural has waned in many churches, and the miraculous is no longer in manifestation. When churches keep the Holy Spirit from having His way in their services, they will eventually become cold and dead spiritually. When any body of believers denies the supernatural in Christianity, they begin following a dead religion of ethics, instead of experiencing a supernatural relationship with a miracle-working God.

On the other hand, there are believers who are contending for an increased manifestation of the miraculous power of God! A leader of one of the major Full Gospel denominations said to me, "Our denomination was born in the fire of the Spirit and in the outpouring of God's supernatural power. But then in later years, manifestations of the supernatural dwindled down to almost nothing.

"Finally, as few as 50 or 100 people attended our monthly state-wide meetings. So we held a meeting to discuss whether or not we should dispense with certain meetings because of lack of attendance."

Since they asked me to comment, I did. I got up and said, 'Gentlemen, I believe we are out of order by even discussing the cancellation of meetings. I believe there is only one issue we need to talk about, and that's how we can make our meetings more spiritual.

How can we bring back the manifestation of God's supernatural power into our midst? So as a denomination, we began to seek God for the supernatural power of God to be manifested in our midst. And as God began to confirm the Word with signs following, attendance at our meetings began to increase dramatically. People whose hearts were hungry for more of God were drawn to these meetings where God's power was being demonstrated."

It was the same way in Jesus' day. People were drawn to Him because He was a miracle worker. And as ministers today preach the anointed Word and allow Jesus to work miracles in their midst, people will be drawn to come and witness the supernatural power of God!

As a young preacher, I heard Raymond T. Richey preach when I attended the Texas District Council Meetings of the Assemblies of God. I heard him say again and again: "Divine healing is the dinner bell. Keep ringing that bell and people will come."

I went back to my little church, which had a congregation of less than 100, and did just what Richey said. I started ringing a dinner bell every Saturday night by preaching what the Word of God said about the power of the gospel to save, deliver, and heal. For six months nothing happened. But then we hit a gusher!

The insane began to be delivered! The paralyzed were healed! People were raised up from deathbeds! And people from several neighboring counties came and filled the building every Saturday night. Glory to God!

I just kept ringing the dinner bell, and God was faithful to manifest His supernatural, delivering power. I've been ringing that bell for more than 50 years, and I'm not going to quit now. I'm going to keep on ringing it, because the Word of God works!

Jesus is as much a miracle worker today as He ever was. He has not changed. And man needs the miraculous power of God today just as much as he ever did. Some people say, "We don't need miracles anymore." But we do!

Thank God, we can act upon God's Word, and God will manifest His power just as He did in the days when Jesus walked the earth. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). He has not changed. He is the same Jesus now as He was then.

If He healed people when He walked upon this earth, He heals today. If He worked miracles then, He works miracles today. Jesus is a miracle worker! We need to find out how He works - how to scripturally put a demand on His miracle-working power. Then we can work with Him and see His miraculous power manifested in our lives.

What causes Jesus to demonstrate His power with signs and miracles? We find the answer in Mark 16:20: "And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following."

How did the Lord work? He worked with the disciples to confirm the Word they preached with signs following.

Jesus works with us just as He worked with the Early Church. If we want to increase the manifestation of God's miraculous power in our midst, we must do what those in the Early Church did—preach the Word! God will confirm His Word! He won't confirm a particular preacher. He won't confirm a personality. He will confirm the Word with signs following!

I knew I had to get rid of all my religious traditions if I wanted the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and the Word to work fully in my life and ministry. I stopped preaching tradition and unbelief and began to teach more of the Word.

Immediately we began to see results. Signs followed the Word, and the miraculous power of God began to be manifested in our church. The early Christians didn't heal the sick and cast out devils without putting out any Word. First they preached the Word.

Then the Lord worked with them to confirm the Word they preached with signs following. Find out how God works and work with Him. Then He will work with you supernaturally.

God is the Father of spirits (Heb. 12:9), and we are His children, created in His image and likeness (Gen. 1:26; 5:1). If you are a Spirit-filled believer, the supernatural realm of God is your realm. You were created by a supernatural God.

Your spirit was made a new creation supernaturally in the new birth. You were supernaturally filled with the Holy Spirit and were given supernatural utterance in other tongues by that same Holy Ghost. Now it's up to you whether or not you live your life supernaturally in the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you will determine to educate your spirit by diligently studying the Word of God and praying in the Holy Ghost, the supernatural realm of God will become as natural to you as water is to a fish. It will be natural for you to operate in the supernatural realm—in the realm of the miraculous—because that is your natural realm.

The last days are upon us. The Master declared, "Occupy until I come." So continue to work. Continue to build His Kingdom. Continue to train men and women and boys and girls to go forth with the message of truth, the message of power, the message of the supernatural, and the message of the miraculous.

The enemy, Satan, knowing the time is short, moves in this day in his sphere and in his realm to work as never before. But at the same time, the Lord, in His realm and in His sphere, is moving to counteract the powers of darkness and to drive back the forces of evil. And so there shall come a greater manifestation of the power and the glory of God by the Holy Spirit.

But this move of God won't come all at once in a way that overwhelms people. It will come a little here and a little there and a little here and a little there. And when finally the Spirit of God moves with a mighty force, those who have a role in His plan will be prepared to obey what God has called them to do in the move of His Spirit.

And so, walk ye by faith. Walk ye in the light of the Word. And examine the Word daily to see if these things are so. And listen to what the Spirit says to your spirit. Yea, respond and be willing to follow the Spirit that resides in your spirit.

Be willing to let the Holy Spirit move and have His way in your services and in your church. Don't be afraid of fanaticism; don't be afraid of excess. Familiarize yourself with the Word and with the Holy Spirit. Encourage and invite the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself, and He will. And the glory of the Lord shall rest upon His saints.

Yea, the cloud of glory shall envelop many. And the eyes of many in the congregation will be open and they will see into the realm of the spirit. Many of those in the congregation will say, "I saw a cloud hanging over the minister's head as he preached."

Others will say, "The preacher stood in that cloud as he ministered." And others will say, "I saw Jesus standing beside him!" For this is the day of the miraculous. Man and miracles go hand in hand. Man and miracles are God's plan. The Father God has made the plan and set His power in motion.

So rise up! Claim your miracle! Yea, receive your miracle, for the miracle-working God is at hand.

Source: Classic Sermons by Kenneth Hagin.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications

Author Biography

Kenneth E. Hagin
Web site: RHEMA
Rev. Hagin served in Christian ministry for nearly 70 years and was known as the "father of the modern faith movement." His teachings and books are filled with vivid stories that show God's power and truth working in his life and the lives of others.

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