The gift of the Holy Spirit had been promised by God for a long time. John the Baptist preached about it. Jesus told His disciples about the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus returned to heaven after His work on earth, He told them to wait in the city of Jerusalem until they received power from heaven.

That is exactly what they did. On the day of Pentecost, one hundred and twenty men were all praying. They were praying the same thing. They were praying for the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Comes
Suddenly, there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind. Something that looked like fire appeared in the room and landed on each person. When that happened, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with an unknown language as the Spirit gave them the words to say.

The Holy Spirit filled all the people in the room. No one was left behind. Everyone received the promise. The Holy Spirit works the same way today. Everyone can receive.

The disciples left the Upper Room in power. From that moment on, they were changed. They preached from prisons. They healed the sick and the lame. It was like Jesus was there again doing the miracles, but this time, God was using His Holy Spirit-filled disciples.

You can receive the power of the Holy Spirit. You can have the same power that they had in the Bible. God has made sure that every person has been given the gift. It's yours for the taking. All you need to do is accept Jesus as your Savior and receive the gift by faith.

Source: Real Power For Kids by Rod Baker
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers