I remember the last time I went on a vacation in Mexico. My husband and I brought our boogie boards with us, and everyday we made it our goal to catch as many waves as we could and ride them in to shore.

We would paddle out to where the waves looked like they would break. And then we would wait to catch the wave. But, if you've ever been to the ocean, you know that can be easier said than done. For every wave we did catch, there were ten waves we would miss!

Timing is everything when you're trying to catch a wave. Get out ahead of the wave too far, and the wave will just wash over you without carrying you anywhere. Get out behind the wave too far, and you'll just be a spectator while the wave carries someone else in to shore.

Fail to paddle when the wave starts to break, and you wind up being pulverized by the wave crashing down on top of you. So why go to all the trouble of trying to catch a wave if so many things can go wrong?

Because if you'll keep at it, you'll learn how to stay out just far enough ahead of the wave where you catch it for a wild ride into shore. And when that happens, it produces a feeling you want to recapture over and over again.

Yes, I Have A Point Here…
So what does this have to do with our walk with the Lord? As I was thinking about all of this, I thought about being led of the Spirit. He wants to carry us somewhere every day, but we need to learn to catch the wave—and if we do, we'll experience an exhilarating ride with Him that day!

But too often, we miss what He wants to do in our lives because we're behind the wave—not recognizing that the Spirit wants to carry us somewhere that day. Or we're out ahead of the wave—our minds are filled up with our own thoughts about the day.

So when the Spirit tries to speak to us about where He wants to carry us that day, we have a hard time tuning in to what He's saying. Or we get caught under the wave; we're so busy doing all our own stuff, when He tries to carry us somewhere, we feel overwhelmed instead of excited.

But then there are those times when we excitedly approach our day, ready and waiting for the wave—for His Spirit to lead us that day—and we catch the wave! We "just happen" to call someone, right when they need a friend to talk to.

Or we feel "led" to go somewhere, and when we get there, we find just the thing we had been looking for, at an "unbelievable" price. Or we open our Bible and "surprisingly," we read a verse that answers the very question we've been struggling with for so long.

Those things don't "just happen," and they shouldn't seem "surprising" or "unbelievable." They happen as a result of approaching each day, ready to catch the wave...to be led of the Spirit in what we say and do!

So wake up each day determined to catch the wave and allow the Spirit to carry you along on a supernatural ride with Him that day!
I will be your God throughout your lifetime...I will carry you along....
(Isa. 46:4)

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