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Everyone needs a friend. We all need someone to "pal around" with, talk to, confide in, and just have fun with. Friends make us feel accepted, appreciated, loved and secure.

Have you ever been to a restaurant, sat at the table and had dinner with yourself? You feel like everyone in the restaurant is staring at you and thinking, "She must not have any friends." That may sound a bit extreme, but I know what that feeling is like.

When my daughters were in high school and busy with all the activities they were involved in, and Jerry was on the road travelling week after week, there were times when I felt so alone. I wanted to go out to eat, but who wants to go to a restaurant alone? I wanted to go out and do things, but who wants to go alone?

Shaking An Attitude Of Loneliness
There were times when I felt like the loneliest person in the world. And yes, many times I cried and complained to God about it, but there came a time when I had to realize, "God has a call on this family and we are instructed to carry it out - every one of us. God does not want me to feel alone while my husband is out preaching the Gospel."

I honestly had to shake myself and realize that I am not alone. I am never alone - not in the restaurant, not in the car, not at my house, never. I have Jesus Christ on the inside of me and He is with me at all times. He is my friend.

The word friend is defined as someone on terms of affection, regard for another, a companion, confidant. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that we can talk to him as long as we want - any time we want. We don't have to wait until he gets off work, or wakes up, or feeds the kids. He's there for us throughout the day. He is there for us through thick and thin, through the ups and downs, through it all!

He always has time to spend with you. He's your companion. He wants to hear your innermost thoughts and feelings. He's your confidant. He wants to build you up, give you advice and know what's going on in your life. And guess what? He won't go tell everyone what you said. He doesn't gossip! You can trust Him. Isn't that good news!

Lean On Him
I began to lean on that covenant of friendship that I have with Jesus and He began to fill that empty place in my life. I no longer felt alone or sad. I spoke with my best friend every day. We talked for hours. We communicated with each other and shared things with each other. I noticed that Jesus always fulfills His end of the deal. He was always there for me no matter what. But the real question is: am I always there for Him when He needs me?

What happens when I do have people around and I'm busy with things in my life, do I neglect my Friend? No, you continue to honor that friendship daily. You make time for each other. You sacrifice things so you can spend time together - just like you would for your close friend here on earth.

You cry together, laugh together, confide in each other and create memories together. You develop a long lasting friendship together - you go out of your way for one another.

It becomes an everlasting covenant of friendship. What is a covenant? It is defined as an agreement or a sealed contract. We have a sealed contract with Jesus that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We should never allow anything in our lives to take away our devotion towards Him.

A friend is someone you cherish, speak highly of, respect, honor and enjoy being around. Jesus is that friend to you and me. A healthy friendship is when the strengths of one over balance the weaknesses of the other. You draw on each other's strengths. When you're weak, lean on Jesus. He's got all the strength you need.

You may be thinking, "OK, Jesus is my friend, but I still need friends here on earth." Yes, you do. But once you develop that intimate friendship with Jesus, you won't feel lonely, insecure or sad - you'll be comforted by the Holy Spirit, you'll be fulfilled every day of your life, and in turn, God will send friends into your life for you to enjoy.

Jesus needs you as much as you need Him. Don't neglect the most important Friend in your life. He's always here for you - you can count on it!

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Author Biography

Carolyn Savelle
Web site: Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Carolyn Savelle has an incredible testimony of growing up her entire life under the power and anointing of Jesus. She was reared in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she heard preachers such as Oral Roberts and William Branham. Throughout her life she has witnessed God's miraculous power.

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