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Right now you may feel the excitement and the energy that is coming into your life by the way of the Spirit of God, just as you have read the story of Elijah and how, through God's power, the drought he was facing was broken.

I want you to know that the same victory Elijah experienced has been established for you.

Big Needs
I like what Elijah declared to his servant, "Go and tell Ahab. Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you." What he is saying is, "This is going to be a big rain, because there are big needs in the land."

Right now, we need to realize that big needs are being met. Your miracle will come through obedience to God. As you will lay your need on His altar, right now, you will begin to experience His miracle-working power.

How big is your need? How much rain do you need? I believe the proportion that you respond to God is the proportion in which God is going to meet your need.

Elijah made a bold declaration, but it was not just a simple declaration of words. You see, while others went and ate and drank, Elijah went to the top of the mountain. He buried his face in the dirt and began to call on God.

He persisted with God. He sent his servant not only three or four or five times, but seven times. On the seventh time, a cloud the size of a man's hand came over the horizon.

I want you to sense in your spirit, on the horizon of your life, a cloud the size of a man's hand. I want you to hear, right now, the sound of the abundance of rain, as the cloud of God's glory sweeps into your life and brings His miracles to you.

Your broken body is going to be healed. Your unsaved loved one is going to be saved. God has an answer for your need today.

Your Drought Is Over
The Living Bible says in 1 Kings 18:41, "Go and enjoy a good meal, for I hear a mighty rain storm coming."

You may have been too hungry to may have been too hurt to cry, but I declare today that your famine, your drought, is over. As you respond to God, He wants to rain His miracles down into your world, into your life, and set you free.

As you bring your buckets of water filled with your needs, your last vestiges of hope, I am aware that it is only one short prayer to our God that will cause fire to fall from heaven, devour the enemy, and set you free. And, you will know what it is to have God's rain fall upon your life that will bring you a tremendous harvest.

Do you want the rain? Are you willing to sacrifice that which is most precious to you? Are you discontent living without it? I'm joining together with you in crying out to the God of Elijah; the God of fire; the God of gracious love, tender mercies, and loving kindness.

Friend of mine, the rain has come. Receive it in Jesus' Name.

Power Principles for Power Living by Dwight Thompson
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Author Biography

Dwight Thompson
Web site: Dwight Thompson Ministries
Dwight Thompson has become one of the most powerful evangelists of our time. Known worldwide for his legendary ability to captivate and move an audience, he has devoted his ministry to touching the lives of all those who are lost and hurting with a message of hope, found through salvation and deliverance in Jesus Christ.

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