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Meditation in reverse can be consolidated into one word: Worry. The definition of the word worry means to be concerned or troubled; to tug at repeatedly, to annoy, to irritate.

We really can't discuss the word worry without considering the thought life, or the mind. To meditate in reverse is to be concerned or troubled in your thought life or mind. Worry means to tug at the mind or thought life repeatedly; to annoy the mind, to irritate the thought life.

What we think, we believe, what we believe, we will say, what we say becomes a part of our everyday existence, be it positive or negative. To change your everyday existence, you will have to change what you say.

To change what you say, you will need to change what you believe. You can't change what you believe, until you change how you think.
Don't be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to Him.
(Rom. 12:2 Contemporary English Version)
In Matthew's Gospel Jesus spoke to us five times about our thought life. Why? Our thoughts produce words. Our words will be filled with faith, or they will be filled with fear, and worry. Out of the abundance of the heart, words will come (Luke 6:45). Words are the visible expression of your thought life. In Matthew 6 Jesus said:
25 Take no thought...

27  Which of you by taking thought...

28 And why take ye thought...

31 Therefore take no thought, saying...

34 Take therefore no thought...
(Matt. 6:25, 27, 28, 31, 34 KJV)
The Greek word, for the word thought is Merimnao - (mer-im-nah-o), in Strong's Concordance. It means to be anxious or to have care.

In other words, it means to be full of care, to be troubled with care or full of anxiety or worry.

Jesus told us five times in the book of Matthew not to do that. For the Lord Jesus Christ to spend that much time telling us how to conduct our thought life means that it is something that is very instrumental in how we are going to get along.

This is a command. When we discipline our thoughts, our words will be disciplined also.

In a sense, we are commanded to have a reckless regard for the future. I am not at all suggesting that we should be irresponsible and not plan for the future. I am saying that we should plan without any notion of anxiety, worry, or to be full of unhealthy care.

A person that is full of unhealthy, ungodly care is very unpleasant to be around. They will kill the joy you have for your journey of faith. If anything could go wrong, they are always the first one to tell you.

They can spot disaster when there is absolutely no evidence of anything disastrous in the making. The mindset, and or mouth of this kind of person, if not incarcerated, will cause great controversy. "Loose lips sink ships".

Denis E. Waitley tells this great classic true story involving baseball during the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Braves.

Warren Spawn, the great Milwaukee left-handed pitcher, is on the mound. Elson
Howard, the great Yankee catcher, is at the plate. The score is tied, with two men on, and two men out. The count is three and two.

This was a critical part of the Series, as well as a critical part of the game. The manager walks out of the dugout to give Warren Spawn, the great pitcher, some encouraging, motivating advice.

With a very rough, stern voice the manager said, "Don't give him a high outside pitch," and walked back to the dugout. Warren Spawn said to himself, "Why did he have to tell me it in that way? Let's see; don't give him a high outside pitch, the reverse of that." Too late. Like a neon sign, "high outside" came as the message.

Out of the park went the ball. Yankees win, Braves lose. The late Warren Spawn, the great Milwaukee pitcher said, "Why would anyone ever motivate anyone else, or themselves, with the reverse of an idea?"

What happened? Negative motivation produced negative meditation resulting in a negative outcome. That, my friend, is meditation in reverse. Mr. Spawn was presented with negative motivation, and then rehearsed it to himself. His experience was the opposite of what he wanted.

The moral of the story for you and me is to never rehearse to ourselves or to anyone else, the opposite of a positive desire.

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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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