Your Pastor can only help you understand the Word of God and reach new levels for Him if you ask questions and have a desire to grow in the Word.
Recently I was preaching in our home church, Shield Of Faith Worship Center, about certain women in the Bible. Since it was a special service for ladies, all the children were in attendance waiting for their turn to sing.

Halfway through the service, a four-year-old girl named Alexis laid on the floor and relaxed. She then called out boldly, "Miss Cher, I don't understand anything you are talking about?" The entire congregation, including myself, burst into laughter. I said, "That's OK, you will one day."

Little treasures like this are funny, but they are also wake up calls to the church. I didn't expect Alexis to understand the meat of the message, but I did expect the adults to grasp it.

The Bible tells us that we are expected to grow in the things of the Lord by listening to the message preached, prayer and through studying God's Word on a daily basis.

Right now the message Alexis is accustomed to receiving in Children's Church is more milk and nurturing in its delivery. However, the adult believer is to seek the meat of the message so he or she can nurture the little ones like Alexis.

Why was Alexis so bold in speaking out when I was preaching? Because she is used to my teaching each week, and is called on regularly for answers regarding the lessons. She knows that she is "drilled" on the lessons until it sinks into her spirit.

She has no fear of being right or wrong, and she doesn't care that others know that she doesn't grasp something. She is not ashamed to ask questions or speak up. She wants answers and seeks them.

As adults, we need to be bold enough to say, "Hey, Pastor, I don't understand anything you're talking about!" when we really haven't grasped the message. Of course, we aren't to call it out like the little ones do, but we are to be bold enough to ask questions.

Your Pastor can only help you understand the Word of God and reach new levels for Him if you ask questions and have a desire to grow in the Word.

In our church we have "Ask the Pastor a Question about the Bible" forms on the information table. Any time someone has a question, they fill out the paper and put it in the offering basket. Usually by the next service (depending on the type of question) the Pastor has a response.

No name is put on the paper, unless it is for their personal Bible study and own use. We have received many great questions and it helps to keep your Pastor(s) on his or her toes regarding the Word of God and their congregation.

If you want the information you receive in the message to turn into knowledge, understanding and wisdom, ask questions! Wisdom is knowledge and understanding applied!

Source: "I Don't Understand Anything You're Talking About!" by Cher Wandell.
Excerpt permission granted by Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries