"Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52).

Isn't it amazing that Jesus was the Son of God, yet He still had to grow in wisdom? He had to grow up in the way He thought about things. The Greek word for "to grow" means to drive forward, to advance, to increase, to proceed.

If we want to become mature believers, we have to start getting away from having others think for us. There are too many people who are simply air-head Christians, mindless in their Christianity. They don't think about what they're doing or how to grow. They just go to church and then go home.

Think about this: Jesus didn't do anything by accident. He thought through everything He was going to do, and then He did it with wisdom. There needs to be part of our mind and heart that is constantly seeking to grow.

If we are going to seek to be like Jesus, we have to do the things He's doing.

That's growing in wisdom. We should always be increasing in our wisdom. You don't have to be old to be wise. Wisdom comes from doing things God's way. Wisdom is knowing the way that God would want something done, and doing it appropriately, even it if seems illogical or unimportant to the world.

Wisdom is going against the way we would naturally think and the way we would naturally do things, and saying, "God, I want to find out the way you think about this situation so I can do it accordingly." I've talked to some young people who by their words they demonstrate an incredible amount of wisdom. It doesn't matter how old you are. What matters is your eagerness to dive in, get wisdom, and apply it to the way you think and live.

Make a decision that no matter what age you are, you're going to be one of the people who determines to drive forward...to increase...to advance in the wisdom that you are beginning to walk in so you don't keep making the same mistakes.

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