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Jesus is the truth. Do you hunger for more truth? This is what God wants for us.
We all know that we get hungry for physical food to nourish and strengthen us daily or many times just to "feed our face!"

I'd like to ask you a question. How hungry are you—not for physical food—but for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

I'm not talking about the material things that God gives you—house—job—security—money—cars—peace of mind, etc. I'm not even talking about a hunger for a greater anointing or the gifts or even the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. I'm talking about knowing God so deeply—so very intimately!

We as Christians after being born again and after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, should have a burning desire—a hunger deep within us to seek after and to know God, and walk with Him more intimately every day.

Jesus is called the way, the truth, and the life.
We must come through Jesus (the way) to gain entrance to the Father. Oh yes, the Father hears and loves His creation very much, but when we receive His Son Jesus as our Lord and Savior, a great bond is made with the Father. We become His child, His Son, or His daughter. We become very special to God.

Jesus is the truth. Do you hunger for more truth? When the truth of God's will is revealed to you do you receive it gladly with such hunger and thankfulness? Do you go after learning more with gusto and then believe on it and walk in it? This is what God wants for us.

I remember clearly when Tim and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We began to learn about God's will for healing.

God says: "I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose life!"

Well, Tim needed healing very desperately in his body. He was told that he would die without a heart transplant. He chose not to receive one for many reasons.

But as we learned verse after verse—scripture after scripture that it was God's will to heal us, and that Jesus already provided for our healing through the stripes He received before going to the cross.

We chose to believe God—we chose life! Now we had a hunger to learn more and more of God, and this hunger was getting deeper into every fiber of our being!

We began a study of the gospels to learn more of Jesus. If the Word says that we're to be more like Jesus then we needed to learn of Him. Our fellowship with Him became deeper—more filling. And then we found out more truth and then more and more truth. When Jesus died on the cross, He died for more than our salvation.

He died so we may have it all—salvation, healing, redemption, deliverance, peace, prosperity and so much more. Wholeness to put it into one word—spirit, soul, and body.

Jesus came so not one part of us would be broken, crushed, or be bruised in our bodies. Not one part of us would be separated from God in any form or fashion. If we believed this truth. If we chose this life through Christ Jesus.

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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Author Biography

Marcia Greenwood
Web site: Tim Greenwood Ministries
After years of running away from the call of God on his life, Tim and Marcia Greenwood finally stopped and accepted the fact that God was leading them into the ministry. They now minister and teach with great thanksgiving and power through the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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