A big part of enjoying school includes having friends you look forward to seeing each day. The Bible says that a person who wants friends must show oneself friendly (Prov. 18:24).

Don't allow your attitudes and actions to cause you to be someone the other students hate to be around.
  1. The pity seeker feels sorry for him or her, trying to get the attention and pity of others.
  2. The bragger talks about him or herself, what "I have," what "I can do," and what "I know."
  3. The loner isolates him or herself from others, making it impossible for others to get to know them.
  4. The gossip always talks bad about others in the school, including those who are supposedly his or her friends.
  5. The roller coaster goes up and down emotionally. One minute they are happy and a minute later they are crying.
  6. The bully constantly demeans and picks one person that they perceive to be weaker than him or herself.

    Source: Every Teenager's Little Black Book of Hard to Find Information
    by Blaine Bartel.
    Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers