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1. They use something ordinary to create something extraordinary.
God made man from dirt! (Gen 2:7). How ordinary can you get? We think we need to have a big budget to be successful in reaching teenagers when all we really need is creativity.

To have a pool party this summer is "ordinary." But when you add a gold fish hunt, diving for dollars, ice burg relays, and a wet sweatshirt contest (no, it's not what you think!) you've made it a phenomenal experience!

2. They see beyond the present situation to a desired result or idea.
Genesis 1:2 says "The Earth was void and without form." God was not moved by what he saw! The youth ministry translation would say, "The youth room was void and without form!"

Get a vision of what a $100 in paint and some time could do! Get some artwork and photocopy it onto a transparency. Shoot the image on the wall. Hey, even I can trace!! Then get your number paint set out and people will think you had a professional come in to decorate your room.

3. They are not content!
They are always looking for ways to add, improve, enhance and upgrade. Creativity is a progression. God didn't do it all in one day, so why don't you quit trying to beat God. Where most of us make the mistake is we get a new ministry area started or an annual event going, and we keep it exactly the same month after month or year after year.

Traditions are GOOD when they are improved or enhanced each year. They go downhill when we become content and don't upgrade them. Most people don't like change because it takes work. But constant change is going to be the only way to keep your ministry fresh.

4. They surround themselves with other creative people.
I see the Trinity of God present at the time of creation. I can see Jesus saying, "Dad, look at this one with the long neck!"

The Holy Spirit says, "That's cool but let's put stripes on it!" Hence, the giraffe as we know it today. As you develop a team around you, ideas will grow and improve. Many times we see and know in part and we need other creative people to improve.

Years ago, a good friend, Dennis Steeger, and I had the opportunity to take a free hot air balloon ride. Within a matter of minutes we had devised a complete video script entitled "How High can a Cat Fall and Still Land on its Feet?" We took the ride, shot the video, and made a hit at the next youth service. We'll leave the rest up to your creative imagination....

5. They never reject a thought or idea, no matter how ridiculous it seems.
That statement just about sums it further explanation required!

6. They bum, borrow, buy, or bust to get creative ideas.
A truly creative person quickly realizes there are so many ideas beyond his capabilities. One day after being on hospital calls all day, I was talking to a youth pastor friend on the phone.

In the midst of the conversation, I asked him what he was preaching on at youth service that night. He proceeded to share with excitement his new message but quickly noticed it was very quiet on my end of the line.

"Are you writing this down?" he asked. "You bet, give me the rest!" My youth group was much better off with a borrowed message than the empty bucket of thoughts I had at that moment.

7. They inspire the people around them to also be creative.
Creativity is contagious! Don't be afraid or intimidated by someone else on your team getting a good idea. It doesn't make you look bad, it makes you look brilliant!

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Dean Hawk
Web site: The Rock Family Church
Dean and Kim are the founding pastors of Rock Family Church. They have been married since 1983 and they have five adult children; Alesha and her husband, Aaron, Allyson, and Preston and his wife, Melannie. In addition, they have one grandson, Asher. Since 1981 Dean has served in the full-time ministry. Prior to starting RFC in 2004, he served as a Youth and Associate Pastor in three different churches. You will enjoy Dean's practical and illustrative teaching style as he makes the Bible come alive through both topical and verse-by-verse teachings that you can apply to everyday life. Along with his current pastoral duties, Dean is also an adjunct professor at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park. Kim serves on our Executive Team as CFO, she oversees the Children's Team and the Women's Ministry. Her energetic and contagious attitude, in addition to her love for her church family is evident. Be sure and introduce yourself, they can always be found in the lobby between services. They look forward to meeting you soon!

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