Years ago I worked at what I call a half Gospel church. (Sometimes it was empty Gospel.) certainly wasn't full Gospel.

At that time they taught us that God does evil and hurtful things in your life just to teach you something or to test you. I thought that was the truth; that is, until one day I got a hold of an "underground" cassette tape.

Now...I say that these were "underground" tapes because they were from a preacher that we weren't allowed to listen to.

If anybody ever caught us listening to those tapes we may have gotten fired. So when the staff members would get these "underground" tapes, they would quietly pass them around. You know, "Shhhhhh don't tell anybody. But listen to this one."

As I would listen to those tapes I started to realize in my heart that the man that was preaching, was preaching the truth! I'd say to myself, "Yeah! This is right! It makes sense!"

And then I would start preaching some of his stuff!

People loved it! But I'd never tell anyone that I had heard it on one of those "underground" tapes. I knew it was truth and it was setting me free because the power of God's Word began to redeem me from the lies of the enemy.

He's A Good God!
I grew up believing that the devil was against me, the world was against me, plus God was against me!

After awhile I figured that, "Hey, I'M IN TROUBLE!" But after listening to those tapes, I knew that God had to be a GOOD God!

So I searched through the Bible and found all of those "God is a good God" scriptures and I typed them in my spirit and I remembered them when the devil tried to come against me.

I said, "God is good all the time—all the time God is good!" You see, God cannot do evil. He can't even tempt me with evil. Hey! It says so in James 1. Look it up!

Oh, by the may be wondering who about the name of the "underground" preacher that we were not allowed to listen to.

Are you ready? Kenneth Copeland. Imagine that!

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