Someone once related an interesting incident to me involving an eighteenth-century evangelist named John Whittier. The incident has stuck in my mind as an apt analogy of the church of Jesus Christ in these last days.

Whittier was a mighty preacher who lived in the early colonies after coming over to America from England. One day he and an Indian companion stood together before the great Niagara Falls, listening to the thunder of the massive waters as they crashed down into the canyon below.

Whittier said later that all he could hear was the thunderous roar of the waters.

But suddenly the Indian pulled on his sleeve and said, "I hear an enemy coming." Whittier turned to him and asked in wonder, "How do you know there's an enemy coming?"

The Indian replied, "Because I just heard a twig snap." The Indian's alertness saved the two men that day from the attack of an enemy Whittier didn't even know was near.

We Need to Hear
In the same way, I believe the church of Jesus Christ needs a wake-up call. I'm concerned in my heart that we're missing the cry of a lost world, as we allow the noise and clamor of the world to drown it out.

Beneath the hustle and bustle, the jet engines and the materialism, the pleasures and all the "stuff" we think we have to do—beneath it all is a cry from the heart of God for the world.

So if I could ask the Lord to do only one thing for you in this hour, I would ask Him to begin the same work in your heart that He has already begun in mine. He makes me very uncomfortable inside whenever I start becoming more concerned about supplying my own needs than I am about having a heart for lost souls.

Now, I don't know how God is going to put His heart-cry for the lost within His church. But I do know that He is big and smart and wise. He'll find a way. It's in His plan for this hour.

Meanwhile, I'm not satisfied anymore with just praying, "Lord, bless the world." I want to see the world as the Father sees it. And if I can help His plans for this generation come to pass by praying, then that's what I want to do.

Created to Pray
The truth is, we were all created to pray God's plans and purposes into being. Just consider Jesus, who is our example. Every step of the way as He walked on this earth, Jesus prayed.

It was crucial for Jesus to pray during His life and ministry, and certainly it has always been crucial for the Church of Jesus Christ to pray. But now in these last days, more than ever, it is time for the Church to pray.

God wants to invade the earth with His Spirit of power and glory beyond anything we could ask, dream, or imagine. But we are the ones who will usher in that divine invasion, as we are faithful to pray according to the heart of our loving Father!

Source: God Invades The Earth by Lynne Hammond
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers