You know, within this generation of believers are those of us who don't have "Thomas faith" - in other words, we don't have to see first before we'll believe. We are blessed because we believe in the power of God, even though we have yet to see the fullness of its manifestation. But we're going to! We're going to see the fullness of God's power with our natural eyes!

Now, I'm not trying to minimize what God has already done. I know we all have testimonies of the wonderful works He has done in our lives.

I'm speaking of impossibilities right now. I'm talking about things that in the natural seem "far out" - way beyond what we have yet asked, dreamed or imagined. I'm talking about a higher level of supernatural miracles than most of us have yet experienced or dreamed of.

We haven't lifted ourselves up to receive from God at this level. We haven't released our faith to say, "Yes, God, You're going to do that. That impossibility becomes possible through You. I believe it!"

Don't be willing to settle for a lower level of faith in this hour of no impossibilities. It's time to stir yourself up and take your place in God's last-days operation of send!

The operation of send is a motivating plan of God for the last days. It will thrust forth and hurl multitudes of people like missiles into the harvest fields of the world.

Climb up to that higher level in God where all things are possible!

Source: Hour Of No Impossibility by Lynne Hammond.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers