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The force of peace is a powerful weapon God has given us to guide us in making the right decisions in our lives. But having peace already given us by God won't benefit us if we don't do our part by learning how to operate in the system of God's Word and then by making a decision to operate that way in every area of our lives. A weapon will only benefit you if you use it.

Jesus has given us everything we need to overcome trouble, but it's our responsibility to claim these things by faith and use them in our lives. Peace is available to give us security in the midst of every storm. However, the storm won't cease if we just stand around like the apostles in Mark 4:38, wringing our hands and saying, "Oh, Lord Jesus, don't You care that we're about to sink?"

The Prince of Peace was right there in the boat, but the storm didn't cease until He got up and said, "Peace, be still" (Mark 4:39). Then He asked the disciples: "Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith" (Mark 4:40)?

In other words, why didn't you use your peace? Why didn't you speak to the storm and tell it to be still? Why did you let your hearts be troubled? Why didn't you trouble your trouble with the force of peace?

Of course, Jesus knows it is not easy to stand still on the Word when everything is going to pieces around you. When you're going through your hardest time in life, when trouble is all around you - in your finances, in your marriage, in your family - sometimes your peace wants to do a "moon walk" and leave you.

Remember, the devil is trying to steal your peace so he can steal the Word out of your heart.

Speak To Your Storm
But it's in those times when the hurricane of trouble is roaring around you that you have to be sure to do the needful part. It's then that you have to grab your Bible, open it up to the Scriptures that speak to your particular storm and say,
Word of God that I stand on, be still. Word of God, I'm not letting you get away from me. I won't let this storm drive the Word out of me. I will hold on to this Word. I will keep my mind stayed and fixed on this Word. I will stand still on this Word. And as long as the Word is still in me, all the trouble around me will have to settle down. It will have to stop. It will have to go into a calm. Trouble, I speak to you in the name of Jesus and say, "Peace, be still."
Child of God, when you feel as if you're in a hurricane, get your Bible and look at what Jesus said: "Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm" (Mark 4:39).

Even in the natural, in every hurricane there is an eye of the storm. In the center of every storm there is a place of calm where you can be still. The storm can be going on around you, but in that place of calm, it can't touch you.

That center of calm is the Word of God. It's the place of security in the midst of trouble that comes from holding on to the words Jesus has spoken.

Not Just Any Words
I know it's difficult sometimes to believe that all this power can be in words. But remember, these are not just any old words. The Bible is the anointed, faith-filled Word of God that has been tried and proved. It's been tried and tested and has proven to work every time in every situation. It is absolute security because God swore it to be true, and God can't lie. It's an unbreakable covenant.

So any time you are going through trouble and you find out what God has to say about that particular type of trouble, you have security in the midst of that trouble.

That's why you can't afford to be without the Word when the doctors are telling you you're going to die next week. When they give you that bad report, go get the Word of God. It's your security that healing is available to you as an heir of salvation.

You can't afford to be without the Word when your marriage is on the rocks. That's when you need to get on the Rock and stand on Jesus and His Word. When you find security in God's Word, you've found the guarantee that what God said will come to pass and what the world said won't.

The Faith of Abraham
That's what Abraham did. God told him he was going to have a baby, even though he was nearly one hundred years old and his wife had been barren all her life. The world said, "You can't." But Abraham said, "God said I can, and I'm going to hold on to what God said. I'm going to be still right here, standing on God's Word until the answer comes."

The world scoffed at Abraham and Sarah for years, but finally Isaac was born. In the face of all that the world had predicted, only what God said would come to pass actually came to pass. Abraham overcame trouble because he made a decision to operate in the Word of God system and to trouble his trouble with the force of peace.

As the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with Jesus Christ, we have everything we need to let not our hearts be troubled and to let the peace of God rule in our hearts. Confessing God's Word out loud will help you keep your mind stayed on the source of peace.
In the name of Jesus, I make a decision now to use the force of peace. My heart will not be troubled. It is my responsibility to see that I be not troubled and to hold on to the Word of God. And by holding on to the Word of God, I hold on to the peace of God. I guard my mind and my heart with the peace of God, and I declare now that I will no longer ignore the built-in security system called peace.

Peace is my umpire. Peace is my friend, and peace will direct me into the place of calm with God. I declare right now in the midst of trouble, "Peace, be still." In my finances, "Peace, be still." In my marriage, "Peace, be still." In every area of my life, "Peace, be still." A great calm comes over my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Source: How to Trouble Your Trouble by Creflo A. Dollar, Jr.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Creflo A. Dollar
Web site: World Changers Church International
Creflo Dollar is a founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI). He's a world-renowned Bible teacher, sought-after conference speaker, and bestselling author with hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs in distribution worldwide. Recognized for his cutting-edge revelation and humorous, pragmatic approach, he enables thousands to experience grace, restoration, healing, and financial breakthrough by applying simple, biblical principles to their lives. He is the author of such game-changing books as "The Radical Life of Grace" and "Why I Hate Religion", and his award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly 1 billion homes. His ministry includes an app available on mobile devices and smart TV's, a dedicated YouTube channel, and the Changing Your World Network, a 24-hour online channel. A thriving social media presence has allowed him to connect with World Changers worldwide.

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