Do you feel it's right for Christians to picket abortion clinics, and in some cases the homes of the doctors performing the abortions?

I'm convinced that life begins at conception. In light of this knowledge, I still must ask myself how the Bible tells me to deal with other people's sins, including murder.

Is it my responsibility to make them live according to my convictions, or is it up to God to deal with them, changing them or punishing them on judgment day?

The only thing God tells the Christian to give the unbeliever is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-16). We are also to share the hope that's in us when we are asked (1 Peter 3:15-16).

If you study the teachings of Jesus, you'll discover that He doesn't tell us to try and conform unbelievers to our ways. He does teach us to confront Christians concerning their sinful lifestyles, but not unbelievers. We're told to let our lights shine through our lifestyles with regard to the unbeliever (Matt. 5:14-16).

Neither does He tell us to confront evil governments, but to pray for them. In the book of Acts, the history of the early church, you'll discover that the early church never confronted unbelievers regarding their lifestyles, nor did they ever try to change the government.

I believe one of the reasons the present church doesn't have the power (healing, miracles and mass salvation) that the early church had is because we're preoccupied with political issues. We try to make unbelievers live like Christians.

If we draw near to God, then His presence would be evident in our lives, and people would want what we have. If they accept Jesus through our preaching then they'll live holy lives. I don't believe it's the will of God for us to picket sin in any form.

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