One thing we all need to understand about our walk with God, is that there is always more at stake than meets the eye. There is always more at stake than simply doing something new or innovative for the kingdom of God.

We need to see the big picture. While God desires to use you, He is interested in much more than simply using you. He wants to change you.

Using you on this earthly plane is very temporal - your life here, even with all of your great and wonderful accomplishments, is but "…a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away" (James 4:14).

Great men and women have come and gone through the ages, and though they seemed so great during their time, the world has gone on and survived without them.

We are grateful for their prayers, their obedience to God, and their contributions to mankind, but the fact that their life here on earth passed so quickly causes us to ask, "Did God have some other purpose, some parallel plan operating in their lives, which was dependent upon their obedience to Him?"

The answer to this question is that God is just as interested in changing you as He is interested in using you.

As you obey Him and step out in faith, trusting Him and choosing to believe His Word over anything and anyone else, you will not only carry out His will in the earth, being a channel through which His supernatural power can change and transform the people around you, but you yourself will be miraculously changed and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

We Cannot Stay Where We Are
On the other hand, if you sit stagnate, refusing to change, refusing to grow, refusing God-given opportunities that are before you, and opt instead to stay in your comfort zone, you are opting to stay in a place where God cannot deal with your life.

The Holy Spirit cannot give you powerful new revelation from the Word of God, because you are not praying and seeking His face; you're not accepting the challenges that would require a fresh Word from Him in order to achieve success.

He cannot display His delivering power or bring forth godly character and integrity in your life if you insist on remaining where you are, with no obstacles to overcome.

In this place of false security, you are choosing to live a mediocre life, without a plan or purpose - denying your calling, your giftings, and your potential - but mediocre also because you are not growing up in God, you are not maturing in the knowledge of Him and growing in wisdom.

God knows that, in order for you to obey Him, it will require that you deal with unbelief, with selfishness, with procrastination, and with fears. Carrying out the dream He has placed in your heart will require you to renew your mind by His Word.

You see, in order for you to fulfill the vision, the word that you have received from God, it will demand alterations and changes in you! And that, my friend, is exactly what God is after in your life!

A Change is Coming
You must always keep in mind that it isn't only your works that God is so concerned about, but He is just as much concerned with your character, your faith, your prayer life, your spirit - these are the aspects of your life, which last for all eternity!

God is more passionate about you, possessing you and your willingness, than in all the things you can accomplish.

So when you say, "But this step of faith will demand so many changes in me," you are exactly right! That is what God wants to do - He wants to change you in the process of using you. He wants you to be all that you can be in terms of talent, ability and character. He wants you to be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ who, Himself, went the limit and walked in obedience to the revealed will of God for His life.

Don't stop short of the goal - let the Spirit of God deal with your heart and your quirks! Let Him help you work through your fears and anxieties.

Above all, don't deny your uniqueness, your specialness, your individuality, your irreplaceable part in His great plan. You were created to be remarkable, not just in your achievements, but in the very essence of your being!

Source: Dream Thieves by Rick Renner
Excerpt permission granted by Albury Publishing