When you think of school you may thing of "tests." The key to passing is the ability to remember what you learned a long time ago, even if you were only half awake and it was a Monday morning.

So here are some keys in doing just that:
  1. Actually listen to the teacher while in the class.
  2. Take good notes—even if your mind tells you it has the ability to "remember all things."
  3. Talk with a friend or parent later that day about what you learned—even if it's spiced with a tinge of humor.
  4. Remind yourself about all the rewards that come with a good grade.
  5. When studying, write your key points down again.
  6. When studying, say your key points aloud multiple times.
  7. Pray and ask God to bring those things you've learned back to your remembrance (John 14:26).

    Source: Every Teenager's Little Black Book of Hard to Find Information
    by Blaine Bartel.
    Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers