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As the seasons change, it makes me realize again that there are seasons in our spiritual journey as well. Some of you may be experiencing a special season in your life. Possibly it is a season of joy and contentment while others may be walking through a season of trial and pain.

Just as the natural seasons make room for each other, so do our spiritual seasons in the Word. These seasons are all part of God's plan to produce the best and most productive harvest possible in our lives.

During the spring months, God plants new seed through His Word. It becomes alive and active with revelation designed to bring us further into spiritual maturity.

During the summer months, the ground is fertilized, watered and tilled to get it ready for the fall harvest of our heart. What a wonderful time as the Word of God takes root. You know what it is like when His Word becomes alive. As we respond, something inside of us wants to leap over mountains with the wealth of this priceless treasure.

As we approach fall, the Holy Spirit begins its preparation for the harvest. The fruit is tremendous. Friends begin to recognize change in our lives. The work is obvious and the fruit is the choicest. When we allow these seasons to do their work, we advance our spiritual journey and move closer to that place of spiritual growth we have so longed for.

The winter months are designed for the ground to rest and produce nutrients for the coming spring. What a cycle. Maybe you are in a winter month. Possibly you feel as though you are going nowhere. Perhaps this is your rest time where you just press into Him, feed on His Word and just enjoy His presence. Maybe winter is not all bad. Quite possibly this is the season just before new revelation springs forth.

Get ready church! I believe that God is about to take the church to the next level. Revelation takes us from glory to glory. God is going to pour out His glory upon the church as she responds to the light of His Word.

We are going to see glory as nothing we have experienced. This glory will produce a harvest of miracles, signs and wonders and the most glorious harvest we have yet to see. God's heart is that His House might be full.

Are you ready to be a part? Are you ready to partner with the Holy Spirit in the greatest revival of souls this world has yet to experience? I believe this will usher in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The air is changing. Smell it. The fragrance of Jesus is everywhere.

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Author Biography

Julaine Christensen
Web site: Julaine International Ministries
At the age of 26, Julaine gave her life to Christ in Washington, D.C., while working as a legislative aide on Capital Hill. Since then she has followed Him diligently. While moving about the country, she taught high school English and Bible for 18 years. In March of 1992, in obedience to the call of God, Julaine was licensed by the Assemblies of God and then in April of 1998, she was ordained. Throughout all this time, key philosophies were being developed in her life.

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