"And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness" (Col. 3:14 KJV).

The word charity means love. Today we are going to put on some new clothes, the clothing of the supernatural love of God. This love supersedes what someone has done to you; it supersedes what they may have said to you.

It is supernatural, and that love - God's love - is on the inside of you. There's the old way in which you used to dress which characterized your old nature. But today you can put on the new clothes of the love of God which characterizes your nature now that you are in Christ.

Paul, in writing to the church at Colossi, points out something that we need to pay attention to. He uses the word "clothing" to illustrate behavior, to make his point. There's a certain kind of clothing you had before you were born again that you need to take off; and you need to put on some new clothes. Then he said put on something that bonds it all together. That something is love.

Now of course, he's writing to Christians - people who are born again. Romans 5:5 says that God's love is in the heart of every Christian. On the inside, we are filled with supernatural love because we are filled with God. If you are born again, you have the Holy Ghost on the inside of you, and the Holy Ghost is love. On the inside, you are a love person. You love to love.

Now your body may not want to love. It may want to fight. But you are not a body. You are a spirit being made in the image and likeness of God, born again with the nature of God. And that godly nature in you is to love.

And your mind may not yet have been renewed or caught up to what's going on on the inside yet. It still may be thinking evil thoughts of getting even with somebody. But on the inside of you is the nature of God. And the nature of God is to let the anger and strife go. That love is the bond of perfectness. Love is what holds your life and relationships together. And love is what makes your faith work.

Scripture References: Colossians 3:8-14 AMP

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