I was in Dallas holding a seminar. My daughter, Zona, was with me, helping with the book and tape sales.

Zona owns two exercise studios and had a financial need for three thousand dollars. She told me about it, but I didn't respond. I've taught her for years to trust God.

Sometimes the pressure of a situation will nag at you so strongly that you will bypass God and look to a person - especially one who has what you need.

That night, Zona had a night vision - a vision that occurs while you are asleep. God speaks to your spirit and shows you what need to see. It's from God - not from the pizza you ate earlier.

A God-Given Dream
The next morning, she told me about the dream she received saying, "Dad, I don't like it. I dreamed I was an instructor in an exercise place."

"Well," I said, "that's what you are."

"But, Dad, I was just an instructor in the exercise place and not the owner."

She continued to describe the dream. In it, there was a man who owned the place. Because Zona needed financial help, she asked her boss for more money. He refused and heaped abuse on her.

The dream had greatly upset her. She didn't understand the trust that God was trying to reveal to her in this dream, but I immediately did.

I said, "Zona, that dream was for you. God was showing you what happens when you prostitute your faith. I've told you for years what to do, but you flounder around and look to man for help, and God doesn't like it. Why don't you change?"

Let's Quit Stumbling Around
You might say, "That seems very harsh." But, in these last days, God is revealing the truth so we won't have to stumble around in the darkness for the rest of our lives.

Yes, when I said that, it was harsh. Sometimes the truth can be offensive. But if we listen and apply it, it will always set us free.

Source: Misguided Faith by Norvel Hayes.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers