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God does not just want a part of you. He wants all of you including your mind, will, and emotions. He wants your body. He wants your spirit. He wants everything you have. This is your reasonable service, and when you give yourself totally to Him, expect a return.

God wants you all of the time. There are not many wives who would live in a relationship where they spent time with their husband only once a week, and the rest of the week he was not their husband.

If they were committed, they would expect the same commitment from their husband. Or vice versa, suppose that one day per week a husband had access to his wife, and for that one day per week she was totally faithful and committed to him but the rest of the week, forget it! We would not expect that relationship to last very long.

God is not looking for an uncommitted relationship with you. God is looking for a committed relationship in harmony with you. You control the ability to use your imagination to see yourself going somewhere and doing something great, or to see yourself defeated and in a rut.

You control whether or not you see yourself in the Body of Christ the way that God has placed you to be. God has called you to do great things for Him, but it takes commitment. He has called you to do many great things, and you are the only one who can hold you back. God is not holding you back and the devil can't (he's been stripped of that authority by Jesus).

Years ago, the only way I could start my car was by rolling it down a hill (any hill I could find close to where I was parked). I would put my car in gear and jump into it as it was rolling while jerking the clutch up quickly to start the engine. That was my lifestyle. This went on for many months.

After a period of time I began to learn that if I was going to change my circumstances (the way I was getting around), I was going to have to use my faith, be committed and believe what God said I could have according to His Word, not what I was imagining myself doing day after day.

Standing On The Word
I had to develop a vision and image of change. I found a scripture to stand on and began to confess and believe for a new car over and above the imaginations of the present (pushing my car down hill after hill). I had to imagine myself with a brand new car that started on its own.

This seems to be a small thing to me now, but it wasn't a small thing to me then. I had to stand on the Word, confess what I wanted and believe I had received it the whole time I was pushing my car down hill after hill.

Well, praise God! Shortly after that period of time, a miracle happened. I received a brand new car (that started on its own). I did not have to push my car any longer. This car came with a 100,000-mile warranty and was showroom fresh. To receive it, I had to believe that God desired for me to receive the desires of my heart (according to Psalm 37:4).

I had to cast down the thoughts of pushing my car any longer. I had to see myself driving my old car to the dealership and driving off with a brand new car.

The Holy Spirit directed me one day to go to a certain new car dealer whom I had known years earlier. By the Lord's direction, I drove right onto the lot and left that old clunker running while I negotiated for a new vehicle. Within an hour or so I drove off the lot with a brand new car. No more pushing, and no more embarrassment.

It is God's will for you to be blessed in every area of life. Wherever you are in your present situation in life, learn to cast down the thoughts that are holding you back from being blessed.

God desires for His people to see themselves the way He does, and to live in obedience to His Word to receive His best.

Source: Casting Down Imaginations by Donald Shorter, Jr.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Donald Shorter Sr.
Web site: Pacific Christian Center
Dr. Shorter is the pastor and founder of Pacific Christian Center Church, a vibrant, growing, non-denominational church in Tacoma, Washington. Leaving his successful secular radio and television broadcasting career as a television host on the Seattle, Washington ABC affiliates, Dr. Donald Shorter Sr. founded Pacific Christian Center Church in January of 1987 with his four family as the only members.

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