...If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they ask, it shall be done for them of my Father that is in heaven.
(Matt. 18:19)
Agreement...God's Word teaches us that it is a powerful thing. In fact, I believe it is so powerful, that it should be recognized as the key factor of success for any union of people or groups of people.

Without it, churches will split, business partnerships will dissolve, governments will grow weaker, and marriages will divide. It can be certain that everyone will not always see eye to eye. But, if we agree on a common goal, it should be understood that our differences could become our strength instead of our weakness.

Deidre and I were married January 25, 1986, and I can honestly say it gets better all the time. When I reflect on the past, I realize it really boils down to just a few things that have kept our marriage strong:
  • Putting God first.
  • Determination.
  • Agreement.
Believe me, we have had our fair share of "character building situations," but divorce has never been considered an option in our home. Many nights one or the other of us has had crow for dinner; but only because we share a common goal: 'til death do us part.

Even when we disagree, we agree; the purpose, for which we live, is much stronger than any conflict that comes our way. Had this issue not been settled in the beginning, we certainly would not have made it this far; and we would not have the hope that we share with other couples today.

Deidre and I have been in ministry together since 1991, and as pastor/church planters since 1996. During this time, she has unselfishly given of herself to see that we accomplish something of eternal value.

She has never complained about not being able to just take off somewhere for the weekend. She lovingly accepts the demands that are placed on a family that lives in a so-called "Fishbowl."

Just the fact that she puts up with so much of my craziness should prove her tenacity! And she loves the people that God gives us the opportunity to minister to, even those who don't love back.

As a wife, mother, and ministry partner, she has often gone the extra mile to get the job done! Though I may be considered the "preacher" of the house, I must admit, that without the agreement of my spouse, the devil would have the Shives family for lunch!

Matthew 12:25, Jesus tells us: ...every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.

So let us remember the power of agreement. If two or more people or groups of people will unite for a purpose, which is pleasing unto God, He will see to your success. And it's a good feeling to know that God is on your side.

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