Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people….
(Eph. 6:7 NIV)
Have you ever been impressed by the valet guys? I have! A years ago I was in Tampa, Fla., with my mother and sisters. When we visited the Moffitt Cancer Center I saw the college-age valet's who were parking cars, and it had a big impact on me. What were they doing that was so unusual?

We pulled up and they had quite the system. Without missing a beat, they energetically greeted us, took our keys, drove our car to the parking garage and ushered us to the doors. That part was nice, but it was upon leaving the hospital that I was really impressed!

After a long day of tests and appointments, we returned to the valet to get our car. The first thing we noticed was that these college kids were literally running to get every car! Once a patient emerged from the cancer center and turned in their retrieval stub, the valet guys grabbed the keys and ran to the parking garage to get the car. I thought it was the ultimate picture of service!

They were happy, full of energy and apparently aware that many of these patients had not received good news – so they were doing their small part to bring joy and relief. No need for a patient to wait one second longer than needed for their car. Once the car arrived to the valet stop, any valet guy who was not busy ran to open the doors for the patient and their families. With a friendly, “Goodbye, have a nice day,” they shut our doors and we were off.

It was a simple thing – running to serve others. After a few years, that image is still burned in my mind, and I am pondering ways we can do a better job of that in our own lives and in our church as we serve the Lord and His people.

So today, why not look for ways to run to serve God and others!

Prayer: Father, help me serve You and others wholeheartedly today. Give me insight and creative ways to run to serve! In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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