The Difference Between Influences and Saturation of Evil in America Today than in Years Previous
Perhaps 50 to 75 years ago there may have seemed to be less evil or “access to evil.”  

Climbing trees, making forts, riding bikes around the neighborhood, buying ice cream after swimming the summer days away, going to the library each week and reading books filled with innocent mysteries…are those days over?

With every generation, the foundations of prayer and boundaries that were set up from our forefathers and grandfathers made a difference in the spirit.

Prayer sets boundaries in the spirit.

From the beginning of time, there has always been access to evil.  However, the power to act on evil—either to hurt others or reject others from hurting us—has seemed to have increased in recent times.

I think it is important not to blame society for being lost.

As Christians and bearers of truth with the love and passion of Christ in our hearts, we are the ones who can still make a difference by setting boundaries in the spirit.  As it says in Ephesians 5:15-16, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.”

Yes, there is a place for setting boundaries for our children, ratings on movies, curfews, ages when they can drink alcohol, and limits to how much time they spend on cell phones and the Internet.  As caring adults, we can choose some of their activities and friends.

But above setting physical, emotional, and intellectual boundaries—our priority needs to be setting spiritual boundaries—through prayer and example.

When we ourselves realize the impact of our choices and take responsibility for them, this creates healthy boundaries for young people to follow.

On the flip side, if society allows unclear or undefined boundaries with no absolutes, people will experience disharmony and chaos in their lives.  Self-destructive behaviors and bad habits develop from unmet needs.  For a nation to function without the acknowledgement of God as Lord of our lives and His Word as Truth, the evil of our days will continue to affect the younger generations.  They will find ways to meet their needs apart from God.

When society in general tries to fulfill needs without the help of God, we fail miserably.

So yes, in the days ahead, it is extremely important to remember we do have the power to set boundaries in the spirit for our families and our generation.  When we acknowledge the Father’s love for us and ours for Him, it draws us up to want to please Him.  And we begin to ask Him what can we do that would please Him?  Then our children begin to ask, what can they do to live a life that would glorify Him?

There will always be a spiritual battle for our lives and of those whom we love.

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