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Think about this for just a minute. What is your life? What are some of the first things that would come to your mind? Time? Family? Are you beginning to see something? When you look at that drop of blood on your finger, your family is involved, your time is involved, your job is involved. In fact, everything you’ve ever worked for is involved. This even includes your finances and your possessions. If you lose all your blood, you lose all your possessions.

Therefore, it is logical that when I shake hands with someone and I mingle my blood with his, my time belongs to him, my family belongs to him, my finances belong to him. That blood represents my car, my food, my children, my wife. Those children within me that are yet to be born are still part of me at that moment, I carry their seed. My children fall under that covenant that I’m drawing up with him. Can you see how important a drop of blood is to that Eastern mind? To mingle blood was to mingle life.

Even my covenant partner’s name now belongs to me. Likewise, my name now belongs to him. You say, “What does your name do?” My name unlocks all my money in the bank. He now has right of attorney to all my money. On top of that, he has right of attorney to all my credit cards and the money that I have yet to get. My credit belongs to him. His credit belongs to me. If I need something and don’t have the money for it, I have the right to go use his credit card. I have the power of attorney. His life is my life. My life is his life.

It is important to realize that I not only gain all of his possessions, but I also get all of his debts! Likewise, he not only gets all my assets, he also gets all my debts. My bills are all his. All these things are involved in the co-mingling of two lives together. Our lives drastically change from the moment that we enter into a covenant.

Our Covenant With God
The good news about covenants is that believers have a covenant with God! We have a better covenant (shedding of blood) than they had in the Old Testament or under the old covenant because the blood that was shed for us is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. You and I, as believers, haven’t entered into a covenant with men, we have entered into a covenant with the Father God. On the day that Jesus shed His substitutionary blood for us, the blood from our hands mingled with His. In other words, we shook hands with God. At that time, God gained all our assets and our liabilities and we gained all of God’s assets, liabilities, debts, everything. Actually, we didn’t have any assets. God owns everything anyway.

When God found you, you were so deep in debt, you owed everything you had to the devil. You were spiritually dead, lost and dead in your trespasses and sins. You didn’t own a thing. You were mortgaged up to the hilt and didn’t have a penny to pay your way out. You couldn’t, by your own self-effort, pay our way out!

God gained our debts and we gained His. How many debts does God have? None. So we gained only assets. Furthermore, we even have the right to His Name.  We even have the right to His time.  To the natural mind, God is not getting a good bargain. Yet God accepted it. What would make Him do something like that?

Let’s look at a similar example in the natural. If you have even allowed another person to live in your home, you know that this causes your lifestyle to change dramatically. You must watch the way you dress. The meals you prepare aren’t the same as they used to be. The whole atmosphere of the home changes. What is it that causes you to set aside your home, your time, all those things and bring another person into your home? What causes you to suffer through all that? The answer is the same as God’s reason for entering into a covenant with us. Love!

John 15:13 tells us, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Notice that “friends” is plural. One day I gained a greater understanding when I read it this way, “Greater love hath no man, that he lay down his blood for his friends.”

Jesus went to the cross and shed His blood in order to reconcile the world to Himself. He now calls the world His friend. All He asks the people of the world to do is to join hands with Him, to give Him their spiritual death in exchange for His eternal life, to give Him their nothing, but to receive His riches in glory. He asks that they give Him their curse and He will give them His blessing. He’ll exchange their position in Adam for His position in Christ. He promises to provide all their needs and to protect them.

When we enter into a covenant, we must trust the other person to do what he promises. The same is true of our covenant with God. All we need to do is believe Jesus and trust that He will perform what He promises.

Furthermore, once we enter into a covenant with God and the provisions have been made, we need to know what they are so that we can take advantage of them. For a long time after I was born again and had been provided with all God’s benefits, I couldn’t appropriate them because I didn’t even know what they were!

I heard the story of a man who had scraped together just enough money to buy a ticket on an ocean liner. He was coming to America. He took a bag of food on board with him and stayed in his room and ate from his bag the whole voyage. When the ship docked in the U.S., the captain saw the man disembarking and mentioned to him that he had not seen him in the dining room for meals. The man replied, “Well Sir, all I could do was scrape together enough for the ticket and I didn’t have enough to buy my meals.” The captain said, “Didn’t you know they were included in the ticket price?”

There are a lot of people who have been born again, yet they are still trying to dig up the purchase price for healing, or are trying to buy their prosperity. They think, “If I can just work hard enough for Jesus and do enough good works he might heal me. He might prosper me.”

When I sign a covenant with someone and shake hands with him, at that moment all his assets belong to me. All I have to do is ask him for them and he has to release them! The Bible says, “You have not because you ask not.” Know the atonement grounds on which you stand. The shed blood of Jesus purchased everything, and you don’t need to work for anything.
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Bob Yandian
Web site: Bob Yandian Ministries
Bob Yandian was the pastor of Grace Church in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma for 33 years. In 2013 he began a new phase of ministry and passed the baton to his son, Robb, who now pastors Grace Church. Bob now travels extensively training up a new generation in the word of God at Bible schools, ministers conferences, and churches. Bob attended Southwestern College and is also a graduate of Trinity Bible College. He has served as both instructor and Dean of Instructors at Rhema Bible Training Center. He also established the School of the Local Church/Grace School of Ministry that has raised up and sent out hundreds of ministers to churches and missions organizations around the world. He is called “a pastor to pastors.”

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