Quantum physics has as its basic ingredients free will, directed attention as the result of a choice, and the effects and consequences of these choices. For example, Proverbs 4:20–27 says that if we direct our attention to the Word of God, we will align our thinking and subsequent choices with God, and the outcome will be healing and health.

Thus an intentional act—such as choosing to attend to God’s words, listen to them, memorize them—will produce the effect of health to all your flesh. Deuteronomy 30:19 can be evaluated in the same way: “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses”—the options—“Now choose life”—you intentionally evaluate the options and choose your reaction—“so that you and your children may live” — which is the consequence of your intentional choice.

Let’s apply the basic ingredients of quantum physics: choice, paying attention, thinking and choosing, and consequence.

1. Information: You get a call from your doctor’s office telling you that the results of your blood test are in and asking you phone them as soon as possible.

2. Thoughts:
Multiple thoughts swirling around in your head. Option one is fear: “They said as soon as possible! Does this mean bad news? “What if I have. . . ?” And on it goes, down to planning the songs for your funeral. Option two is denial: “This is routine; I’ll call when I have time.” Option three is trust: “I have faith that this will be good news. I am not moved by any doctor’s report.”

3. Choice: You choose an option. For instance, if you choose fear, your brain responds by wiring in the thought, “I am sick,” and you live into this thought.

4. Consequence: You suddenly feel sick and are sure you are dying.

5. New consequence: You phone the doctor; your results are clear, and suddenly you feel fine (and perhaps a little foolish).

So your brain becomes what you focused on (body carries out the will of the spirit and soul), and what your brain has become produces what you say and do and how you feel phtsically and mentally

Quantum physics has multiple definitions, but the original Copenhagen formulation of quantum theory made by Niehls Bohr of Copenhagen University in 1927 is considered the granddaddy of the definitions. It states that the free choices made by human subjects are a subjectively controllable variable–which simply means that you control your choices. Quantum mechanics can be used to prove that thinking and choosing is real and measurable.

The way you experience your feelings, the way you interface with your thoughts, and the kind of attention you give them will change how your brain functions. If you apply this principle, you can free yourselves from destructive thoughts and actions and change bad habits for good.
Source: Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.