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gavel court"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." (Matthew 5:7)

It is not a good thing to need mercy when you have not been putting any in the bank.

If we are going to see mercy when we need it, we are going to have to give others mercy when they don’t deserve it.

How can we expect mercy from God when we are wanting judgment for others? How can we expect mercy from God when we haven’t shown mercy to others? Why would someone want God’s forgiveness for themselves, but at the same time be unwilling to forgive others?

That’s just mean and it’s just plain childish. We should be so willing to forgive those who trespass against us for the simple reason that God has already forgiven us for a thousand times more, and if we don’t choose to forgive, it won’t go well with us. (See Matthew 18:23-35).

My wife Carla and I go out to eat often, and we like to leave generous tips to our servers. We enjoy making people happy and you never know who may be going through a difficult time. When the service is great we show them our appreciation by blessing them with at least a 20% tip, but it’s usually more.

However, there have been times when the service was poor and our server had an attitude that really didn’t deserve a tip at all. (This has been rare.) At times like that, we remember how God blessed us when we surely didn’t deserve any blessings, so we still leave a good tip because that’s what mercy is all about. People need mercy, especially when they don’t deserve any!

Just remember how good God has been to you. How He protected you when you didn’t deserve it. When He helped you out of a mess you didn’t deserve to be helped out of. When He was patient with you for the thousandth time, waiting for you to get your act together.

It’s not hard to be merciful when you realize how merciful God has been toward you!

If you want to see mercy come you way and give you the help you don’t deserve, then Jesus said you need to be merciful when others are asking you for mercy!

Boldly say: I will be merciful! God has been so good to me and I will be good to others! I have been forgiven much! I will will forgive others for the wrong they have done to me! I can expect God’s mercy to always be there when i need it, because i will always be merciful toward others!

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Author Biography

John Cappetto
Web site: Faith Heights Church
Pastor John has several music CDs and has written three books. Pastor John is licensed and ordained thru Faith Ministries Fellowship. Pastor John and Carla studied under Kenneth E. Hagin, Fred Price, and Kenneth Copeland. Pastor John has been the Senior Pastor of FHC since 1987. He and his wife Carla, have been married since 1984. they have two children and five grandchildren. Pastor John has written two books, produced multiple music albums, and has been featured on TBN's "Praise The Lord" program with Dr. Jesse Duplantis.

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