Perhaps you've recognized some of the symptoms of competitive jealousy in your life. If so, you'll want to get them out of your life right away.

The good news is that you can. These steps will break the grip of competitive jealousy on your life and heart. You can be free from the subtle spirit of competitive jealousy.

Number One: Take Stock of Your Motives, Honestly.
Take a personal inventory of the motivations behind the things you do. Are your motivations right or wrong? As you look inward, do you sense some involvement of competitive jealousy?

Take stock of your motives and your life; do it honestly. You are going to have to be totally honest with yourself and God in order to be delivered of the awful shadow. Don't walk around denying that it's not there.

Don't try to convince yourself that it doesn't apply to you when you are the very one who needs to hear it most. If you do, someday, somewhere, the vile spirit of competitive jealousy will raise its ugly head.

By then, it may be too late: not too late for salvation, but too late to salvage the potential that God had planned for you. The first step to freedom is to honestly take stock of your motives.

Number Two: Repent!
After you have examined yourself, repent in the areas in your life where you have found the influence of competitive jealousy. Repent means to change your mind, and change your direction.

In this case, it's a change of heart concerning comparing yourself to others. Repent and forgive others who have competed jealously against you. First, you must repent of competitive jealousy in your life; then, if you know anyone who has been involved in competitive jealousy with you, forgive him or her as well, because it has been putting pressure on both parties.

Number Three: Exercise Authority Over This Evil Spirit
Exercise your authority over the spirit of competitive jealousy in the name of Jesus. You have authority in His name not to have your life controlled by this vile spirit.

Exercise your authority. Yes, you can help it. You have been given authority in the name of Jesus to help it.

Number Four: Exercise the Spirit of Understanding
Learn to exercise the spirit of understanding in every situation. Begin to see things from God's perspective. When you begin to see things from God's vantage point, you're no longer seeing it from the world's view.

And that changes everything.

Therefore, begin to have spiritual understanding of certain areas in which you have previously tried to compare yourself with others. Understand that it is the will of the Father that you keep your eyes on Him.

Don't look to the right or to the left and you won't get off into those things that are according to the world's system.

If you have symptoms of jealousy in your life and heart, I want you to know that you can be free from this destructive spirit. Here are some additional ways you can help keep jealousy from affecting your life.

Guard Your Heart
Guard your heart by setting a watch over what you see and what you hear. That's where it starts. What you see and what you hear become your influence. Watch over your eyes and ears. Stop comparing yourself or your ministry with others, and be content to do what God has called you to do.

Stop comparing your hairdo with others. Be content. Wear what you wear; don't get caught up in keeping up with the Joneses. Look good, but concentrate on obeying the voice of God.

Quit comparing your car with the cars other people drive, and your house with the houses of others. Learn to do what God has told you to do. Be content with what God has given you and what he has called you to do. Watch what you hear and see. Guard your heart.

By developing and maintaining these important disciplines in your life, you will learn to appreciate life and what you have for what they are—blessings from the Lord.

Major On Being A Servant
Major on being a servant and let God exalt you in due time. Hold on to the promises of God through faith and patience. The Bible calls exalting yourself pride, and pride guarantees one thing: a shameful fall. It is inevitable. It may not happen this month or the next, but it will come.

A man who operates in pride and competitive jealousy will be brought down low and feel the shame. Let God exalt you in due time, in His time. Don't be comparing your small ministry with somebody else's big ministry.

The Bible says that the end is better than the beginning. Your beginning may not be looking so good right now, but stay in faith, and the end is going to be better than the beginning. Major on being a servant and let God exalt you according to His timing.

Be Glad When A Brother or Sister is Exalted
Instead of saying, "you think you're too good to hang around with me now that you've got a new car," rejoice when a brother is blessed. Don't compare what you have with what they've received. "Rejoice with those who rejoice..." (Rom. 12:15).

Don't get caught up in asking, "Why them and not me?" Be glad. What you should understand is that you have no business comparing yourself with them when it was God who blessed them. Your due season will come if you keep on "keeping on" where God has called you.

The fact is, you may not be ready yet. Continue to be faithful and content where God has placed you and operate in that. When others are blessed or get a promotion, rejoice with them. Be glad for them. Shout the victory; do a dance!

I remember when I bought my last home. A friend came over, walked through it, and began to weep. I said, "Man, what's wrong with you?" He said, sobbing, "I'm so happy for you. It's just as if I got blessed." I said, "Wow! This guy is setting himself up to get blessed in the future like nobody's business." It happened, too.

Don't sit there and compare yourself with other folks. Be glad.

Build Confidence In God's Love For You
Build up your confidence in the knowledge that God loves you by spending time with Him in praise and worship and reading the Word. Listen to His voice and obey. Build up your faith in God's love for you by getting to know Him. Spend time in prayer and reading scripture.

There it is. These simple steps can take you from the bitter bondage of living under the influence of the spirit of competitive jealousy to joyous freedom in Jesus Christ.

If you've discovered signs of the spirit of jealousy present in your life, make a quality decision to be free. Don't let this subtle spirit remain unchallenged in your life another day. Just get your eyes on the Lord and let His love change you.

Source: Exposing The Spirit Of Competitive Jealousy
by Creflo A. Dollar Jr.
Excerpt permission granted by Creflo Dollar Ministries