God wants you to be successful! Your success in life is not based on your marital status. Just because you are single does not mean you cannot be successful.

Being single also does not mean you are incomplete. Some people think the definition of the word single means "alone," but that's not really what it means.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible defines "single" in the Greek "...as a particle of union...." W.E. Vines defines it as, "...simple..." and "...simplicity...." And the root of the word "singular" in the Hebrew means, "to separate or distinguish, to make great or wonderful."

Webster's definitions of the word "single" include: "...consisting of a separate unique whole...unbroken, undivided...having no equal or like...a separate individual or thing...."

Notice it says "a separate unique whole." That means you don't have to be married to be a whole person. God says in His Word that if you are a Christian, you are complete in Jesus Christ. You are already whole and complete in Him.

"And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power" (Col. 2:10).

As far as God is concerned, you can be single and successful! A big part of being successful is following His plan for your life and obeying Him. Being in the will of God is a big key in being successful.

It is important that we do not compare ourselves to others—we have to follow God's plan for our own individual lives. We all have our own unique path to follow—we're not all called to do the same thing. If we were, how boring that would be! For example, if I were to compare myself with my friends, I could get discouraged, because most of them are married and have children.

From early on I sensed that it would be awhile before I got married. I felt the Lord leading me to get my ministry established before settling down. Looking back now I can see the wisdom in waiting, because in the pioneering stage, a traveling ministry is a lot of work, and I had to be gone all the time and give up a lot of freedom.

Now that I'm more established, if I were to get married, I could pick and choose when and where I want to go.

Make Yourself Valuable
Everyone, whether married or single, should make it their goal to become as valuable as they possibly can. You should become so valuable that if you were to move, the people around you would miss you terribly and cry over your leaving! You don't want them to celebrate!

You can devote more time to sharpening your skills and developing your gifts, talents, and abilities while you are single.

Don't Sit in Your Setback
I have a friend who chose not to sit in her setback, but do her part in God's comeback plan for her life. Maybe you've had a setback and now you find yourself single. Or maybe you're single and you just findthat to be a setback!

My friend had a severe setback when her husband passed away very suddenly at thirty-seven years of age, leaving her with two young sons and a church. She could have allowed herself to be overcome with questions, grief, or fear, wondering if God really is good. But she didn't let herself go there. Instead, she acted on God's Word and trusted Him completely.

Every time I called her, she spoke only words of faith concerning her situation. She ministered comfort to her congregation and me. She refused to let the devil get her down and believed that the Lord would turn this negative situation into something positive.

She didn't sit in her setback and feel sorry for herself, even though she could have. She ran the church successfully for several years, developing her gifts and becoming more and more valuable. Now she travels around teaching other people how to raise their children and helping them to overcome hard situations by trusting the Lord.

She also developed her writing and administrative skills, and she has helped me on many projects. She is a great blessing. She has become very valuable and is sought after by many people.

Being single didn't hold her back from becoming all she could be in God. You can do as she did and hold fast to the Word of God. Make it your goal to be single and successful in this season of your life!

Source: Single and Loving It! by Kate McVeigh
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers