An area that seems to confuse singles, especially women, is what to do while waiting for God to bring a mate. They pray and believe God, but it seems to be very hard for them to deny the flesh and rest in Him and truly wait.

Many times, they seem not to be able to resist helping God along, or at least putting themselves in a position where they can make mistakes. This is often a challenge for women.

They say, "We are seeking the Lord for a mate, but we are human. We need companionship in the meantime. Going out in groups is fine, but don't you have to spend some time with a man to know whether he is the one God intends for you?"

The Word says very clearly to:
See ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you.
(Matt. 6:33)
Some people have gone out with 19 different people and did not end up marrying any of them. So what was all that for? That was wasted time. They could have been praying in the Spirit, reading the Word, and building themselves up. Single persons have a marvelous opportunity to spend time with God and develop their spiritual lives.

Most single people run around looking at faces and figures, but that is foolishness and deceptive. "Looks" is just the wrapping on a package. Besides, every time you think this is the prettiest or the handsomest person you have seen, along will come another one who looks a little better. You can go crazy that way.

Turn loose of all that, and let God. Let God bring the man, or the woman to you, and that way you will know that you are getting the one with whom you ultimately can be happy.

The exteriors, the looks, are not going to stay the same, anyway. When he, or she, gets to be forty or over, the hair may not be the same, the figure almost certainly will not be, and so forth. What are you going to do then? Also, beauty or handsomeness does not guarantee a good life.

If you are doing what God said and spending time with Him, you do not have time to get lonely. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God" because you are in a time of preparation. The person who is going to eventually be your spouse is in a time of preparation. They are not yet ready, or you are not. If both of you were, God would have already brought you together. You may think you are ready, but you are not.

Get down to the Lord's business, and before you know it, you will be prepared for the right one. And the right one will be prepared for you. Before you know it, the Lord will bring you together.

Source: The Christian Family: Practical Insight for Family Living
by Frederick K.C. Price, Ph.D.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith One Publishing